Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Well I shared a $150 with one other person.  You get $73.  I spent $23 which leaves me the $50 I need later in the month for 10 drawings of Powerball, Megamillion, and Texas Lotto.  Overall a good night - except the hard chairs.

I used two Bingo cushions - yes they say Bingo on them, but it was still difficult.  By the midpoint I wanted to leave.  The headache and lumbar pain was intense.  I could not concentrate but sat it out and did specific exercises when I got home.  I feel a lot better now without any painkillers.

Hey a win is a win.  For everyone in our group I place a dollar under one of my troll dolls.  If I win everyone in the group gets a dollar.  We were shy one last night so it only cost me three dollars.  People find my trolls standing on money weird.  I go to have fun and relax, not to win.

A real funny, last night the men were running the kitchen.  The game was on.  With only two men in the kitchen they closed early.  Basically the game left no male workers to work the kitchen. 

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