Friday, November 2, 2018


For years I have complained candidates ignored the Valley.  Beto has been here so much, I cannot say that about him.  If he wins it will send a message to Democrats they must come here and show us respect and listen.  This will not be a bad thing.

I do not believe any of the polling because the election turn-out is unlike anything anyone could imagine.  People who have never voted before are not being surveyed.  So the polls are meaningless.

If Beto wins, Texas politics changes for ever.  The Republicans will be on the run and the new voters will know their vote can change Texas.

I have no idea who is  turning out.  It could equally be large numbers of Republicans and Democrats.  This is just a wild election cycle now that early voting started.

I did vote against all of Sylvia Atkinson's cabal of amorals.  I studied the candidates and voted for the ones who I believe have the best chance of winning.

Of course as always the BV will have the best election night coverage of all the blogs and social media.  I expect to call all of the local elections by 7:15.  The Senate race could go late into the night.  The world will be watching Texas.

Election night coverage on the networks will be very exciting as we watch Senate and House races come in.

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