Thursday, November 15, 2018


Let there be no mistake Trump's actions against Jim Acosta and CNN were 100% related to their reporting and speech.  On the merits and for good reason CNN and Jim Acosta will lose before the Supreme Court, and here is why.

The judge in the case will issue a ruling today.  His ruling will be a 15 minutes story as the case works it way on an emergency basis to the Supreme Court.  Unless there is a clear question of law, the Supreme Court rarely takes fully developed cases.


No court can compel any government employee to answer the questions of a reporter.  Even if Acosta were allowed in the White House for general investigative reporting, the President has every right to order his staff to not answer any questions posed by Acosta.  Do we really want a system where federal judges can order government employees to answer reporter's questions beyond a valid Freedom of Information Request? 

I researched this when Luis Saenz did the same to me and the law at that time was, Saenz was within his right to choose who can and cannot attend a press conference.

First of all journalists are not licensed and there is no legal standard which defines who is and is not a journalist.  Judges have engaged in speculation based on  their views, but beyond that nothing.

So let's say Acosta is allowed to sit through the press conferences.  No judge is going to order the Trump staff to call on him and answer his questions. He might as just watch it on TV.  Why is Acosta privileged over all of the other reporters trying to get recognized and are never allowed to ask questions?

Through their sense of entitlement CNN has played this all wrong.

The other news agencies standing with CNN is a joke.  The people do not care.

Something meaningful would be the other news agencies refusing to attend press conferences until Acosta is given back his pass.  Yea that is not going to happen because the privileged fake journalists care more about making a profit for their employers than free speech.


This is the type issue where the Supreme Court would want development of the facts before agreeing to hear the case.  At most CNN could get an order from the Supreme Court for further development of the issue.

CNN would have to have a solid case that the sole motivation of the White House was to punish Acosta for his speech.  Given the fact the White House has every right to control who is on their grounds or in press conferences, this is going to be a very difficult thing for CNN to prove.


Why should Acosta have access to press conferences over all of the journalists in line for the same access?  Why should Acosta be allowed to ask questions over all of the other journalists who are never even recognized during the press conference?

The answer is Acosta and CNN believe they have a right of entitlement over the other journalist, and this is a losing argument.

Now I know if the judge today rules for CNN and Acosta I will be called out as wrong.  But reality check, the trial judge's ruling has about as much value as a tit on a boar hog.  The Supreme Court will decide this case.


I tell people all of the time, the one place you do not want to enforce your rights is court.  The judges are worthless.

The news media cares nothing about free speech.  If they did they would have all agreed to no longer attend news conferences until Acosta was reinstated.  They did not because it is about money and entitlement for these fake profession of journalism.

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