Thursday, November 8, 2018


At one elementary school, I have personally seen parents lined up outside the gate like cattle with their children to insure their children are in their classroom by 7:30, or face being denied access so their children receive the free federally funded breakfast.

It began with the parents being banned from taking their young ones to their classroom.  They were not allowed passed the gate other than to enter the office.

Now on almost no notice the parents were told if your child is not in the classroom by 7:30, they will not be allowed to eat.

The reality is the kids I take to the school eat before they leave home.  Once a week we get breakfast tacos.  So these kids are fine.  But others are not.

Proper nutrition particularly in the morning is key to learning.  This seems totally lost on Desesperanza Zendejas and her administration.

Yes, I agree, we need the kids settled in and ready to learn.  We cannot have parents wandering in with their kids when they feel like it.  It  disrupts the learning process.

But why the change to arrive at school by 7:30 this late into the semester?  We use to get there at 7:45, with no problem getting the kids their free meals and starting class on time.

I get it, the kids need to be on time to start the learning process.  But banning them after 7:30 for purposes of eating is wrong at every level.  Fine, after 7:30 just send them to the cafeteria to eat if they still need to eat, and then send them to the classroom.  But leaving the kids hungry is not an option.

Hopefully the new school Board will address this moronic policy of leaving children hungry until lunch.

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