Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Okay so the incision area of the spinal surgery has swelling. I could no longer stand the pain and took 600 mg of Ibuprofen for inflammation, and a painkiller. My left pelvic area is in a lot of pain along with the left lumbar area. After being mostly in bed for a few days, other than a few quick outings - like Dodici on Saturday which was awesome - I needed out.  I was in no pain because of the first painkiller in maybe 10-14 days.  I had no plans of going because of the pain, and what were the odds of winning two weeks in a row, or a 3rd time in 4 plays?  The pain was gone so I went out.  I nearly fell twice as my left pelvic area gave out.

In my last four times at the Knights of Columbus I won $500, $75, and last night $150.  Each has a small fee deducted.  I think I need 6 months off - there is no way I will win again any time soon.

It was a good night because I am using the money to continue with my brother's litigation.  I have everyone at a standstill with both federal and state criminal investigations.  But even they take money.

The judge is so corrupt he ordered me to attend a $3000 mediation 9 hours away on the day he knew I had to do the follow-up on my prostate test.  At the time being told I had a 72 % of cancer, he ordered I not see me doctor, so says the mediator in two recorded messages left on my voice mail.  There is no T-Mobile service in the VA clinic so the calls went to voice mail.

I am grateful to the Knights of Columbus  for what is now just under $650, to help my disabled brother veteran who served for 25 years.  I have no financial interest.  His son and granddaughters are his rightful heirs.  I will never get my money back.  But these thieving scumbags will never get paid and can only hope to now avoid jail  time, with court documents, emails and transcripts which leave no doubt the probate judge refused to allow my brother to hire an attorney to defend himself by appointing one of his friends who was not qualified at the time by the State Bar to do guardianship work.

Everything to the best of my knowledge has come to a standstill to allow for the  criminal investigations. 

My brother does not even know me anymore.  He has no knowledge of his son or granddaughters.  I am working with the VA to have him removed from the jail nursing home he is in which has  denied him all specialty care for his neurofibroma. 

The local DA has made it clear she will go to federal prison before she holds her friends accountable.  I think the State of Texas and feds feel a bit differently at this point, and the local DA is now running scared.

Again thank you to the Knights of Columbus for helping me with extra funds to fight this battle.

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