Thursday, November 29, 2018


This is not about me.  But I like to use the blog to open up frank discussions in the issue.  In my faith I do not fear passing because I see it as part of the continuum of birth.  People of faith confuse me because they claim to have faith and then want their loved ones to live for ever and never reach heaven.  That is a riddle I will never understand.

So I have a family member, not to be identified, who is on cancer number 5 and in fact is dealing with 3 at one time.  On Monday they were told about a small insignificant brain cancer.  Today upon further review it is terminal in 2-3 months.

I have personally resolved years ago I will refuse treatment after age 60 if diagnosed with a significant cancer.  I would rather pass without all of the treatment and make the best of my last days than spend months undergoing disabling treatment knowing a new cancer or the same cancer will reappear.

Yes in some cancers they are easy to treat and never come back so long as you stay on the medication to keep it from metastasizing.  The medicine is expensive and unless you have a golden insurance policy or are very rich, you do not get the medication.

But I support even rich people with good insurance saying - no, enough is enough.  I will not go out sick from chemo or radiation treatment.  I will go out enjoying life to its fullest.

So I say to my readers if you know someone in this position, respect their decision and do not guilt them into treatment which will not change the outcome.  Tell them to go out and fly and enjoy every healthy day they have left.  It is just passing into the next stage of life, whatever that may be.  Tell them to spend their money having fun to the max.

Enough said.  Because of my faith I am actually not sadden to lose two siblings in less than a year.  I expected it to be three sooner than later with my eldest brother Clinton.

I am fighting as hard as I can to put him in the best care possible.  He has the money, the lawyers and court will not allow him to use it.

It is so bad the nut job Chief Justice Nathan Hecht last night chose the judge who will decide if he has acted unethical in my brother's case.  It is my understanding the judge was as shocked as everyone else and is refusing the assignment.

Judicial corruption is so real.  I am hopeful to soon take down a very unethical judge in Cameron County.  We have the right to live our life by the law, by our choices and be happy.  My commitment to individuals and their legal choices remain solid.  My commitment to defending private decisions on when we are ready to pass remains solid.

And please - stop bullying your senior parents into not signing a DNR.  It is not a pretty sight that because of your bullying an old person dies anyway with all of their ribs broken.  

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