Tuesday, November 27, 2018


First I forgot to mention in last nights post, Phil Cowen hit the nail on the head when he explained you do not have to be an officer to get things done on the BISD Board.  He explained this to Castro who was supporting the more experienced trustees as officers.

I have said many times, you do not have to be an elected official to accomplish great things for the city of school district.  I am not elected and have forced BISD over and over again to follow the law on special needs children.  Without the help of the city look at all the great things the downtown developers have done for downtown.  I was there yesterday at 1 p.m. and it was bumper to bumper traffic.  Downtown is alive and well


This Board better look hard and long at the TSC litigation.  I will bet the farm the court of appeals will vacate the jury verdict and Lily Tecero will get zero.  But that does not change the gamble which could still cost TSC.

No one wants Desesperanza Zendejas and Baltazar Salazar fired more than me.  But let reality be a variable.  The new Board needs to see how they work with them and after at least 6 months decide if they stay based on the evidence the new Board may or not have on both of them.  To fire them now will only guarantee another lawsuit, and another settlement at the cost of the taxpayers.

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BobbyWC said...

I had three comments and I hit publish on all three. Because I no longer get notice of posts, I have to keep on checking for pending comments. Based on the post I assume it was to this story.

The post was blame Idea - and then something else. First of all I support as much parental choice as possible. I also support competition in education. Under the right BISD Board this will make BISD better.

But I will note, BISD has a lot of really good programs for advance job training and preparing the students in sciences and math.

The main problem is the endless controvery surrounding the Board and Administration, and BISD's total and complete failure to take special needs seriously.

This is sad because there are a lot of amazing students and teachers succeeding at these advance programs with the students going to good universities.

BISD needs to be more embrasing of all its students and do a better job with special needs children. I just helped someone get their GED. BISD did not care about their anxiety issues in a big classroom. 5 Years after dropping out he was ready. In three months I have him ready to pass all of the tests. I am now working on helping him find his first real job. He has had a few minimum wage jobs, but now he is ready for a real job.

We are looking at job training options, which includes Mike Hernandez's program in construction. This kid is smart and will excel and have no problem finding a good job if he decides on construction. He is also interested in inventory control and warehouse work. If he choosed that I will send him to SA, where he can stay with family while he gets OSHA certification in several forklifts.

But I want to post this to point out BISD in fact does have a lot of great programs. But they have a major image problem. They need to promote their programs and everything they are offering special needs children. This would be a good start for the new Board.

It would be nice if Brownsville had an OSHA forklift certification program. There are many job openings but very few qualified candidates. It is BS I may have to pay to send this young man to SA for the experience and certification. Trust me he knows in time he will have to pay me back so I can use the money to help the next person.

People do not give up on BISD. YOu need to find out what programs they offer and whether your child get into the program. They actually have a lot of good programs.

But so long as they do not get their act together on Special Needs, the drop out rate will be a problem and their image will be hurt.

The problem for which I have no solution is the adults with special needs who will pass the GED but they are lost without special accomodations. I have gotten good jobs for a few based on networking with good companies which trust me.

I can assure you, you can have a PhD and be lazy and stupid, and not have a GED and be the hardest and best worker. Some people learn real fast visually. You show them how to use the inventory control system and in days they have it mastered and are moving parts faster then the other workers.

We need good employers who understand you cannot judge someone as not being a good worker because they do not have a GED. Many times they are your best workers because they are grateful they were given a chance.

Sorry if I accidently deleted your comment. I wish I could fix the notification problem, but have failed at every effort.

Bobby WC