Friday, November 16, 2018


After I had the screw placed for my new tooth implant, I went with my roommate to his dentist in Matamoros.  He is across from Garcia's so it is an easy walk.  We parked on Levee.  I am allowed to walk for 10 minutes at a time, so I was fine.

The first thing we noticed was all of the Porter kids who live in Matamoros lining up in front of us to pay the fee to use the bridge.  When will BISD end this?  Never.  What is happening is not complex.  These kids were born on the US side. I have no objection to this part. Something a privileged family can afford to do.  They have a social security number.  Then they have someone on this side of  the border claim them as a dependent and that person gets the child tax credit for a child who lives in Mexico.  It gives the Mexican child a Brownsville address, and access to BISD, all the while they are living in Mexico.

If these were poor kids, it would not bother me one bit.  But these are wealthy kids from privileged families defrauding the US taxpayers.  The law should allow them to pay a tuition fee to BISD to attend, while living in Mexico.  At least this would be a new form of revenue for BISD.  It would also stop the tax fraud.

Dinner at Garcia's was awesome.  I so miss going over to Matamoros.  There is a big difference between Oxacan cheese made in Mexico and the U.S.  It was so so good.  The meal was so so good.

We walked back and on the bridge we ran into a large group of men sent back by the U.S.  It was kind of sad.

The line was for ever.  But then we found out as U.S. citizens we could go to the front of the line and go through a special line once inside the building to be cleared.  That was nice.

At the midpoint of the bridge they have the first check point.  If you do not have papers you cannot pass the midpoint of the bridge.  Remember once on U.S. soil you can claim asylum and you get a hearing.  They are not allowing anyone to stand on U.S. soil without first being cleared.

But boy do I miss Matamoros.  Everyone was so nice to us on the street, in the store - everywhere.  They are such a wonderful people.  The entire situation is so so sad. 


Anonymous said...

Don't blame BISD, blame the feds for the laws and procedures that exist that forces the school districts in the boarder to provide the educational services. Check your resources.

BobbyWC said...

You are wrong because you are confusing two distinct issues. The Supreme Court has found that the school district cannot ask about a student's legal status. But BISD can question their residency - even US citizens. In Sports this is a big issue where school districts which want a specific football player will set up a fake residence in their school district. Many are caught and the team suffers sanctions.

There is no law anywhere which compels BISD to accept students whose true residence is in Mexico. Laredo already enforced the law and removed the students coming over the bridge. This is a simple legal issue. As the parents pull up to Porter in their $60,000 SUV's with Mexican plates, BISD is within its rights to demand why they are coming from Mexico. BISD has a right to question the students who cross back to Mexico after school.

There is not law barring BISD from doing this.

I do support for revenue purposes of Border school districts being allowed to charge a fee to Mexican nationals to attend our schools.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Every student whether from Mexico or residing in Brownsville generates the same amount in state funding, as well as federal. What they do not generate is the property tax levied unless their parents own property within the school district boundaries. BISD can legally charge non district students tuition, but collecting would be another matter as well as establishing that the student does,in fact, live in Mexico. The school district would be in immediate financial difficulty if all students living in Mexico were to stop from one day to the next.

BobbyWC said...

YOur words are an empty conclusory statement. There is no evidence anywhere to conclude how many Mexican nationals attend BISD illegally. Without that number you cannot make a finding of financial hardship on BISD.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

blame IDEA. BISD is deperate for students because of the exodus to the charter schools.