Wednesday, October 3, 2018


The sun tries to push through the  morning fog crawling over the bog. The fog and bog have become symbolic of truth.  Somewhere beneath the murky bog lies a bothersome truth.  The inception of the apocalypse was a small virus which we ignored as by-stander citizens. There was no active virus in our house.

An innocuous post gets as response "it is time for revolution."  You cannot revolt against a virus - a hidden virus a by-stander citizenry ignores because they believe it is not in their house.

On this morning of the by-stander apocalypse the sun will be defeated and the bothersome truth will lie undisturbed beneath the bog.  For the by-stander citizenry have no interest in the virus which eats away at their soul and very essence of being human.  They retreat into their world of  convenience to waste away unaware through their chosen ignorance the apocalypse has already seeped up through the murky bog, to be blocked by a fog the sun cannot chase away.

The bothersome truth becomes as by-stander citizens they welcomed the apocalypse, unaware they have already died to never fight the revolution or find the cure to the virus they would have endeavored to do had they simply opened their eyes.

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