Saturday, October 13, 2018


I need a used hospital table by the time I get home.  I cannot come get it, but I can send someone to get it.  If you have one for sale I really need it.  I will only be able to sit in my recliner chair.  My bed and office chair are not an option.

Things are coming along at home,  Things are being made ready.  The spine has to heal, but the benefits are showing themselves every day.  I can walk short distances without the walker, but that is it. 

I hate the brace, but it is a reality for another month or so.

Email me if you have a table and I will send someone to look at it and pay for it.

From my recliner I can finish these three legal cases and then turn to Regional Development.  The people are bored with the blogs and the overt bias and deception.  They want change and the BV will work hard to promote those bringing change and covering the change.  I wish Carlos Cascos all the best in his Regional Development program.  We need this people.  Good change is around the corner and I intend to cover it for what it is - positive change.  The other blogs can continue with their bought and paid for propaganda and game playing which adds nothing good to Brownsville and or Cameron county.

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