Monday, October 29, 2018


Simple, the most qualified candidate for city attorney was a women and until protests were lodged she was denied a simple interview.  Now every female attorney who applied for Brownsville municipal judge was denied the job?

It is time to clean the swamp.  Every city commissioner must be voted out.  I want to see a bloody war by the commissioners so we can get to the truth about these corrupt political machines running the show and obtaining loyalty through these appointments.


A blue wave means Eddie Treviño wins and Cascos loses.  This will mean we are stuck with the absolute worse county judge and city mayor.  Thank god for the private investors downtown trying to change Brownsville.

Women rise up and demand equality.  It is incredulous in this year of the women Brownsville is so brazen in its discrimination against women.

Sunday, October 28, 2018


The following was taken from FB. Myth one kinds of stretches the point, but the point is still there.  After reading myth 8, try scrolling down and listen to the late President Eisenhower.   How  did this all happen?  We choose to be by-standers to our society and do not care that a virus is spreading beneath us, so long as it does not touch us.


Myth No. 8—We have a democracy.
If you think we still have a democracy or a democratic republic, ask yourself this: When was the last time Congress did something that the people of America supported that did not align with corporate interests? … You probably can’t do it. It’s like trying to think of something that rhymes with “orange.” You feel like an answer exists but then slowly realize it doesn’t. Even the Carter Center and former President Jimmy Carter believe that America has been transformed into an oligarchy: A small, corrupt elite control the country with almost no input from the people. The rulers need the myth that we’re a democracy to give us the illusion of control.

Myth No. 7—We have an accountable and legitimate voting system.
Gerrymandering, voter purging, data mining, broken exit polling, push polling, superdelegates, electoral votes, black-box machines, voter ID suppression, provisional ballots, super PACs, dark money, third parties banished from the debates and two corporate parties that stand for the same goddamn pile of fetid crap!
What part of this sounds like a legitimate election system?
No, we have what a large Harvard study called the worst election system in the Western world. Have you ever seen where a parent has a toddler in a car seat, and the toddler has a tiny, brightly colored toy steering wheel so he can feel like he’s driving the car? That’s what our election system is—a toy steering wheel. Not connected to anything. We all sit here like infants, excitedly shouting, “I’m steeeeering!”
And I know it’s counterintuitive, but that’s why you have to vote. We have to vote in such numbers that we beat out what’s stolen through our ridiculous rigged system.
Myth No. 6—We have an independent media that keeps the rulers accountable.
Our media outlets are funded by weapons contractors, big pharma, big banks, big oil and big, fat hard-on pills. (Sorry to go hard on hard-on pills, but we can’t get anything resembling hard news because it’s funded by dicks.) The corporate media’s jobs are to rally for war, cheer for Wall Street and froth at the mouth for consumerism. It’s their mission to actually fortify belief in the myths I’m telling you about right now. Anybody who steps outside that paradigm is treated like they’re standing on a playground wearing nothing but a trench coat.
Myth No. 5—We have an independent judiciary.
The criminal justice system has become a weapon wielded by the corporate state. This is how bankers can foreclose on millions of homes illegally and see no jail time, but activists often serve jail time for nonviolent civil disobedience. Chris Hedges recently noted, “The most basic constitutional rights … have been erased for many. … Our judicial system, as Ralph Nader has pointed out, has legalized secret law, secret courts, secret evidence, secret budgets and secret prisons in the name of national security.”
If you’re not part of the monied class, you’re pressured into releasing what few rights you have left. According to The New York Times, “97 percent of federal cases and 94 percent of state cases end in plea bargains, with defendants pleading guilty in exchange for a lesser sentence.”
That’s the name of the game. Pressure people of color and poor people to just take the plea deal because they don’t have a million dollars to spend on a lawyer. (At least not one who doesn’t advertise on beer coasters.)
Myth No. 4—The police are here to protect you. They’re your friends.
That’s funny. I don’t recall my friend pressuring me into sex to get out of a speeding ticket. (Which is essentially still legal in 32 states.)
The police in our country are primarily designed to do two things: protect the property of the rich and perpetrate the completely immoral war on drugs—which by definition is a war on our own people.
We lock up more people than any other country on earth. Meaning the land of the free is the largest prison state in the world. So all these droopy-faced politicians and rabid-talking heads telling you how awful China is on human rights or Iran or North Korea—none of them match the numbers of people locked up right here under Lady Liberty’s skirt.
Myth No. 3—Buying will make you happy.
This myth is put forward mainly by the floods of advertising we take in but also by our social engineering. Most of us feel a tenacious emptiness, an alienation deep down behind our surface emotions (for a while I thought it was gas). That uneasiness is because most of us are flushing away our lives at jobs we hate before going home to seclusion boxes called houses or apartments. We then flip on the TV to watch reality shows about people who have it worse than we do (which we all find hilarious).
If we’re lucky, we’ll make enough money during the week to afford enough beer on the weekend to help it all make sense. (I find it takes at least four beers for everything to add up.) But that doesn’t truly bring us fulfillment. So what now? Well, the ads say buying will do it. Try to smother the depression and desperation under a blanket of flat-screen TVs, purses and Jet Skis. Nowdoes your life have meaning? No? Well, maybe you have to drive that Jet Ski a little faster! Crank it up until your bathing suit flies off and you’ll feel alive!
The dark truth is that we have to believe the myth that consuming is the answer or else we won’t keep running around the wheel. And if we aren’t running around the wheel, then we start thinking, start asking questions. Those questions are not good for the ruling elite, who enjoy a society based on the daily exploitation of 99 percent of us.
Myth No. 2—If you work hard, things will get better.
According to Deloitte’s Shift Index survey: “80% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs” and “[t]he average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime.” That’s about one-seventh of your life—and most of it is during your most productive years.
Ask yourself what we’re working for. To make money? For what? Almost none of us are doing jobs for survival anymore. Once upon a time, jobs boiled down to:
I plant the food—>I eat the food—>If I don’t plant food = I die.
But nowadays, if you work at a café—will someone die if they don’t get their super-caf-mocha-frap-almond-piss-latte? I kinda doubt they’ll keel over from a blueberry scone deficiency.
If you work at Macy’s, will customers perish if they don’t get those boxer briefs with the sweat-absorbent-ass fabric? I doubt it. And if they do die from that, then their problems were far greater than you could’ve known. So that means we’re all working to make other people rich because we have a society in which we have to work. Technological advancements can do most everything that truly must get done.
So if we wanted to, we could get rid of most work and have tens of thousands of more hours to enjoy our lives. But we’re not doing that at all. And no one’s allowed to ask these questions—not on your mainstream airwaves at least. Even a half-step like universal basic income is barely discussed because it doesn’t compute with our cultural programming.
Scientists say it’s quite possible artificial intelligence will take away all human jobs in 120 years. I think they know that will happen because bots will take the jobs and then realize that 80 percent of them don’t need to be done! The bots will take over and then say, “Stop it. … Stop spending a seventh of your life folding shirts at Banana Republic.”
One day, we will build monuments to the bot that told us to enjoy our lives and … leave the shirts wrinkly.
And this leads me to the largest myth of our American society.
Myth No. 1—You are free.
And I’m not talking about the millions locked up in our prisons. I’m talking about you and me. If you think you’re free, try running around with your nipples out, ladies. Guys, take a dump on the street and see how free you are.
I understand there are certain restrictions on freedom we actually desire to have in our society—maybe you’re not crazy about everyone leaving a Stanley Steamer in the middle of your walk to work. But a lot of our lack of freedom is not something you would vote for if given the chance.
Try building a fire in a parking lot to keep warm in the winter.
Try sleeping in your car for more than a few hours without being harassed by police.
Try maintaining your privacy for a week without a single email, web search or location data set collected by the NSA and the telecoms.
Try signing up for the military because you need college money and then one day just walking off the base, going, “Yeah, I was bored. Thought I would just not do this anymore.”
Try explaining to Kentucky Fried Chicken that while you don’t have the green pieces of paper they want in exchange for the mashed potatoes, you do have some pictures you’ve drawn on a napkin to give them instead.
Try running for president as a third-party candidate. (Jill Stein was shackled and chained to a chair by police during one of the debates.)
Try using the restroom at Starbucks without buying something … while black.
We are less free than a dog on a leash. We live in one of the hardest-working, most unequal societies on the planet with more billionaires than ever.
Meanwhile, Americans supply 94 percent of the paid blood used worldwide. And it’s almost exclusively coming from very poor people. This abusive vampire system is literally sucking the blood from the poor. Does that sound like a free decision they made? Or does that sound like something people do after immense economic force crushes down around them? (One could argue that sperm donation takes a little less convincing.)
Point is, in order to enforce this illogical, immoral system, the corrupt rulers—most of the time—don’t need guns and tear gas to keep the exploitation mechanisms humming along. All they need are some good, solid bullshit myths for us all to buy into, hook, line and sinker. Some fairy tales for adults.
It’s time to wake up.


Saturday, October 27, 2018


You asked, and we answered. We now have gift cards available for purchase. Thanks to all of our loyal customers and friends.

Please join us for an evening of live music on the patio tonight At 8. We will host a performance by the TSC Guitar Collective, a student group led by Dr. Jon Dotson.

Guys I would be there tonight if I could.  I hope by next Friday or Saturday once I am off the painkillers for a few days.  I want my pizza and sweet red wine.  It looks like it is going to be a great night.



I do not understand given the history of the exchange of money between Rodney Mesquias and Saenz how Saenz can have anything to do with this case.  I can only hope the DOJ is keeping Saenz in the dark , now the case is in federal court.  But the FBI needs to move for forfeiture on all of the money Mesquias has given to Saenz.  If these new charges prove true, Mesquias acted in expectation Saenz had his back so long as the money flowed

"Court records show that Henry McInnis, 47, and Jose Garza, 40, both of Harlingen, along with Rodney Mesquias, 47, of San Antonio and Francisco Pena, 82, of Laredo, pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges levied in a 12-count indictment that include conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering, aiding and abetting, obstruction of justice and conspiracy to pay and receive kickbacks."



In an enforcement action Luis Saenz has been ordered to produce the indictment of Rodney Mesquias or face suit.  Mr. Saenz refused to answer the open records request and has more than a week later after being ordered to produce the indictment continues to refuse to respond.

This case caught my eye because I noticed  $5,000 donation from Rodney Mesquias to Luis Saenz.

"A Cameron County grand jury indicted Rodney Mesquias, 39, on Nov. 12 on two counts of Medicaid fraud over $200,000. He was arrested Wednesday and released on $25,000 bond.
The charges followed an investigation by the attorney general's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, which alleges that Mesquias, who is not a licensed physician, employed a physician assistant to treat patients at the Well Care Clinic."

See full article
The criminal file on Rodney Mesquias is missing.  The nature of the charge and my complete research shows it is highly unlikely that the case would have been dismissed.  There either was or was not a supervising doctor.  The state prosecutes these cases and are not light on the defendants.


Friday, October 26, 2018


First guys, when your doctor tells you to wear the back brace wear it.  Yesterday when I got up I forgot to put it on and four hours later I was in bed almost unable to move.  Oh, I have it on.


It is a good thing I have a good sense of humor and do not believe in death, just passing.  The only thing I fear in life is not seeing Bela graduate high school and starting the university.  On the day she was born I committed the resources to insure she has everything she needs to succeed.  Upon my death the house automatically through a Lady Bird Johnson Deed passes to her grandfather to be sold with the money to go into a trust account for Bela's college.  Bela will stop the cycle of poverty in her family and inspire her brothers to go to the university.  Every one of them is being given everything they need to succeed in school.  The three in school love school and are doing well.

I have always bragged about my PSA [prostate test for prostate function]  Until about a year ago I was always about .9 to 1.4.  Maybe 9 months ago it went into the high 3's.  Then two more high 3's and a decision was made for me to see a specialist.  By previous discussion on November 1st he was going to schedule biopsies and and MRI if the PSA was still high.

This morning I was informed it is at 22.61.  Anything over 10 has a 67% of cancer.  I cannot even find statistics for over 20.  Addendum.  I was just informed that a PSA over 20 has a 72% chance of cancer.  Source NIH.  It is my understandind the VA is moving on this.  I will bet the farm the read is bad.  The jump in the PSA is just not possible.  It has to be a bad read.  But waiting still sucks.

So here I sit and wait.  Commonsense tells me because it is critically high, you rerun the test to make sure it is not a mistake.  There are some variables associate with my surgery which could have pushed it to maybe a 5 or 6, but nothing to a 22.61.

So it sucks as you wait for the specialists to get you in.  At a minimum I expect to be retested today to verify the 22.61 which seems so so wrong.

Voting is the one thing not on my mind.

Enjoy your weekend.  And go to Dodici for a night under the stars, fine wine and amazing pizza.  I do want to give a heart felt thank you to everyone pushing downtown development.  There are so many private business people.  The city commission should issue a general proclamation to all of the developers.  Barton posted some pics on a new place  I cannot wait to visit.

Thursday, October 25, 2018


Ginni Thomas, wife to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas caught spreading fake news and hate against Latinos. This pic she posted was from an altercation in Mexico in 2012, and has nothing to do with the US or the refugees currently coming from Central America. The racist bitch just lied to spread hate. When is the real outrage against the Republicans going to begin? Snopes picked up on this and exposed the racist bitch's lies. How great are we when the wife of a Supreme Court Justice is spreading hate with fake news?


While I tend to vote mostly Democrat I am also very critical of the Democratic Party.  When they play games of selective equality or covering up corruption I call them out.  This is how we fix the Democratic Party.

Republicans are unwilling to live by the same standards.  They keep on turning a blind eye to what they know is vile and un American for the sole reason of power. 

Unless as a Republican you are willing to denounce the current leadership and such racist acts by Republicans you are unfit to hold public office or seek pubic office.


President Donald Trump said on Thursday he was "bringing out the military".
"I am bringing out the military for this National Emergency," Mr Trump said of the migrant caravan in a tweet, hinting of an upcoming deployment. "They will be stopped!" I guess the people will care when the troops occupy their neighborhood, but for now its is our problem and not America's problem. I can tell you I do not feel safe with US troops in my town. I feel threatened.

Any Republican candidate unwilling to defend us from Donald Trump and his occupying force is unfit to hold office.


"Amanda Nicole Garcia is my 13 year old daughter who has run away from home. If anyone has seen her please contact Brownsville Police Department or BISD Police right away. Thank you! 

Please share this"

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


I remember when the self anointed leadership in the then Gay Alliance [the word lesbian or anything else was not allowed] told us we were too loud about the aids crisis, and gay youth suicide.  The self anointed leadership killed thousands of gays because the Democrats said we were hurting them and we needed to wait our turn.

I opposed this ignorant policy then and oppose it now.

Sylvia Atkinson and her cabal of power hungry amoral BISD candidates believe silence and death is better than speaking out.  Not only has Otis Powers, Drue Brown, and Prisci Roca Tipton [Sylvia Atkinson's cabal of amorals] refused to denounce Jerry McHale and Donald Clupper for promoting the kind of homophobia which causes children and adults to commit suicide, they continue to pay McHale out of desperation.  They are the biggest fucks I have seen in an election in a very long time.

Yes silence = death.  So against everything I believe in I will have to vote in the BISD election for the candidates I believe best can defeat all three.  Otherwise my silence will be support for death.

Please feel free to copy this and share on your FB pages.  Your either care about equality and children or you do not.  There is no middle road.



Something is happening in Texas.  I have no idea if there will be a blue wave.  Will the Central American caravan push open minded good hearted people to vote Democrat or will if force the worse of the Republicans to turn out in large numbers?  There is no exit polling for early voting to  tell us what is happening.  All we know is the vote is huge.  I just hope the youth are taking up their future place in American civics and voting for justice for all.

So here is the deal.  I am tied to a lot of Democratic groups in Texas.  For months I  told them you better get Beto down here to beg for our vote of lose.  I have done many stories on, it is time we hold the Democrats hostage until they show us respect.

Well it has been pointed out to me by a lot of people from around the state Beto has spend a ton of time in the LRGV and is spending a lot of money on ads. 

A Beto win can change Texas.  I will not say for the better.  I do not trust the Democrats to ever have a true moral compass.  Selective equality is not equality.

So I am being told to put up or shut up.  Beto came and showed us he needs us.  That could be seen as respect or desperation to win.  I do not know what it is.

But when I do go and vote against the Atkinson cabal of amorals, I will decide then if I will vote for Beto in hopes he can win and shake Texas politics to its knees.  Even if he  turns out to be a bad Senator Texas politics will have changed for ever.  The Republican oppression will be on the run.  Still no idea what I will do, but as I was told, he came so now I should vote.



Campell's soup rather than fire the executive who posted George Soros is funding the caravan of Central Americans coming to the US border, has decided to simply say he does not speak for the company.  I am sorry, when you are an executive with a publicly held company your words matter and you do speak for the company.  Executives who are smart remain silent on these hot button issues.  It is another story if you are a family business like Hobby Lobby trying to pass of Dead Sea Scrolls as authentic when they are not.  Yes, they got caught buying fake peices of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  They also paid a fine for buying stolen artifacts from Iraq.  Just another bunch of fake Christians.

I use the Cream of Mushroom soup because it will be the big seller this holiday season coming up. The Democrats and even self annointed Latino leadership will remain silent instead of calling for a boycott.


International organizations aid in the movement of refugees every day.  Why did this one have to go racial.  It is not disputed many of these people are middle class leaving homes, and good jobs to protect their children.  These people want to be left alone to live and not fear death on a daily basis because the people in the U.S. are addicted to the drugs funding the wars the in their countries.

But let's be honest.  No one gives a crap.  Now try reading this again.


The sun tries to push through the  morning fog crawling over the bog. The fog and bog have become symbolic of truth.  Somewhere beneath the murky bog lies a bothersome truth.  The inception of the apocalypse was a small virus which we ignored as by-stander citizens. There was no active virus in our house.

An innocuous post gets as response "it is time for revolution."  You cannot revolt against a virus - a hidden virus a by-stander citizenry ignores because they believe it is not in their house.

On this morning of the by-stander apocalypse the sun will be defeated and the bothersome truth will lie undisturbed beneath the bog.  For the by-stander citizenry have no interest in the virus which eats away at their soul and very essence of being human.  They retreat into their world of  convenience to waste away unaware through their chosen ignorance the apocalypse has already seeped up through the murky bog, to be blocked by a fog the sun cannot chase away.

The bothersome truth becomes as by-stander citizens they welcomed the apocalypse, unaware they have already died to never fight the revolution or find the cure to the virus they would have endeavored to do had they simply opened their eyes.


I checked on the accuracy of the above meme, and found it to be basically true.  The only issue is, depending on which research you choose to believe the plague may have been airborne and not caused by rats.  But for sure the debate remains.

The point is, when fear and ignorance guide you, look what can happen?

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


This was a major surgery.  I am just now realizing how many cuts there are.  To heal, the body needs rest.  The physical therapy seems simple, but I can assure you it knocks you out.  So I sleep.  The pain killers are not good and I am slowly weaning myself of them.  The bladder infection is a nightmare for me because my body hates antibiotics.

In time the BV will be back on a regular basis, but for now I need rest.

Monday, October 22, 2018


Today is the first day of early voting.  All I can say is vote your  conscience.  I am just too disgusted to vote.  I will probably not even go to place blank ballots.

A nation is its values.  We have none.  Last week with no response from the people the Supreme Court upheld a North Dakota law which requires your ID have an actual street address in order to vote.  Most indigenous people who live on reservations are not given street addresses by the post office, only a P.O. box.  The end result is potentially 10's of thousands of indigenous people just lost their right to vote.  As a nation we do not seem to care.

The electoral process in this country is a complete fraud.  It is based on no moral values - just raw power.  No one sickened me more this election than Sylvia Atkinson and her cabal of power hungry candidates. As a lesbian she should have denounced Jerry McHale and Donald Clupper for promoting the type hate which results in young adults and even older adults killing themselves.  Sylvia Atkinson is so desperate for power she and her cabal or power hungry candidates not only refused to denounce Jerry and Clupper's conduct they continued to pay McHale.  A bunch of power hungry sick fucks is all I can say.  Children's life's matter, but not to Sylvia Atkinson and her cabal of power hungry sick fucks.

I am tired of all of these now unaffiliated Democrats and Republicans running for office running from the party label under which they are seeking office because both parties are worthless and they know it.  They refuse to denounce the Two Party system which is a complete fraud on our values as a people.

Now this weekend as the proof which includes video of the Saudi's intentionally killing the Washington Post reporter and then trying to cover it up with a body double appearing to leave the consulate after the reporter was already dead, I'm done.  Watching Fox news run cover for  the Saudi's because Trump refuses to do his job as president and take action is vile.

It is time to accept our elections are a fraud on our values.  I will not be party to same.  Our laws and constitution have meaning, but not to politicos.  I will not disrespect them by participating in this fraud.

So I will probably not even go to place a blank ballot.

Sunday, October 21, 2018


The law is so black and white, subject to no interpretation.  If two men are having sex they should be stoned.  Sad I am abstinent and hate the taste of pot, so I will have to ignore  the old Jewish law.

Thursday, October 18, 2018


This is a post lumbar x-ray taken today for the surgeon.  Look at the beautiful spacing between the discs.  The cage holding it all together is clearly visible. if you look up the middle from the outside hardware..  Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

Me -  my bed was heaven.  Hospital beds are not designed for post spinal surgery.  My double pillow queen size bed is.  I slept 7.5 hours last night.  

Today the VA had me in circles.  I came within seconds of leaving and just going to CVS  for my medications.  The general practitioner was determined to deny me the pain medication on a claim the specialist had no idea what he was doing.  They have already weaned me down 50% from post surgery with me being off the meds altogether in 10 days.  I can assure you, I still need the meds. But I will be done in 10 days.

It was bizarre that he thought it was wrong to take the pain med before the physical  therapy.  He was adamant the specialist and the PT people are all wrong.  Trust me you need the pain med in you before you start  the physical therapy.

I present you true art.

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How do you beat the cold? With a sweater and a visit to Dodici, of course! We've got enough pizza and wine to get you through the day.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018



We had a scare because of a urinary tract infection.  They had to wait for the advanced culture to come back to know for sure which anti-biotic to use.  I am just waiting on the doctor.  My car is packed with most of my things.

It will be hard for a month or more.  I am walking without a walker, but the pain is intense. I am home bound for the most part for a month. The surgery was a 100% success.

I just need to take the pain killers and they will slowly take me off of them instead of me living in fear and not taking them.

To those who just print their lies, the VA does not pay for everything.  They recommended a home healthcare worker for maybe two weeks. The VA said no. We shall see.  If I need one I will have to pay for it.

Many adjustments have been made at my house.  I paid for everything.  There is no help from the VA.

When I leave here in a bit I will have to pay for my medications.  The VA clinics here will not fill the medications for the veterans from the LRGV.  I am fine with my out of pocket costs.  I just think of the veterans who do not have the means to pay for these things.

Well, time to close this and wait for the doctor to kick me out.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018