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When I invoke my opinion that is me not Tad.

If I was not clear, the idea of Tad Hasse helping Sanchez had to occur to him it might hurt Treviño.  But then as a math person when you ad in the math Hasse had to know if Sanchez did not have enough money for a filing fee, he certainly did not have enough money to run a campaign.  So while logic tells me Hasse knew of the possibility of Sanchez hurting Treviño, the numbers tell me no one believed Sanchez being in the campaign was truly a variable.  The Treviño supporter Rebecca Gomez was on the scene before Hasse.  She is the one who had the incentive to create this mess to later use against Cascos knowing she was the source in playing Sanchez.  Also it is absurd it would hurt Treviño if he had to campaign during the primaries.  Allowing your opponent to campaign when you sit back does not happen.  With or without Sanchez Treviño was going to campaign and raise money.  This is even greater proof this was a Treviño con to tell his supporters he needed money, when he did not, by claiming he had Sanchez as an opponent.  For me logic says this was a Treviño set up with Rebecca Gomez, to raise more money and then later before the election create a fake conspiracy against Cascos.  If you read what follows, this logic tells you Treviño's camp is the one behind this entire mess, and not the Republicans or Cascos.  At worse Hasse just got excited and helped his friend being misguided it would somehow hurt Treviño when the entire matter was used as a way to raise more money for Treviño.  But again this tactic is as American as apple pie.  The criminal conduct of hiding the donation as done by Rebecca Gomez and Robert Sanchez is not as American as apple pie.

You see when you deal in facts instead of some childish shtick people are willing to talk with you. Like in any jury case the truth is only really known by the eye witnesses.  The job of the jury is to measure the known facts and credibility of the witnesses.

Barton has reported in the past and several people have verified same, Tad Hasse is willing to help his friends in need.  Even if Tad saw this as a way to cause Treviño a bother, placing false candidates is as American as apple pie.  It is in the standard playbook of American politics, so feigning shock does not play in Peoria.  There is nothing new about such a tactic even if it was Tad's intent in donating the money.

So consistent with his personality he gives Sanchez the money.  So what?  Political donations is the American way.  The idea Hasse told Rebecca Gomez to tell no one makes no sense in terms of a conspiracy.  Hasse has zero control over the legal issue.  It was for Gomez [not sure if she was the treasurer - she seems unable to give a straight story on the issue] and Sanchez by law to report the donation, not Hasse.  So we know based on legal obligation that Gomez and Sanchez are creating a distraction from themselves to Hasse.  Hasse was not the one with the legal duty to report it.  That was on the lying Gomez and Sanchez.

I have been trying to get into the Cameron County Elections page for two days  to check donations  to Eddie Treviño.  Did Rebecca Gomez donate to Treviño? The page just spins.  Rebecca Gomez wants us to believe she is a staunch Democrat and a staunch supporter of Eddie Treviño, but to hurt Treviño she helped in this alleged conspiracy to help Robert Sanchez.  As a jury member I would laugh at her while on the stand.  It makes zero sense and I would assign it zero credibility.  

But it would get me asking if someone from Eddie Treviño's camp put Sanchez up to run  and then placed Rebecca Gomez a staunch Treviño support in a position to mess with Sanchez so that Treviño could later near the election put out a false narrative against Carlos Cascos and Morgan Cisneros Graham.

Look to the known facts.  Who as a jury member do you know for sure has a reason to lie?  Put yourself in the place of a jury looking at the preponderance of the evidence.

Tad Hasse - perfectly legal to give a donation.  No control over reporting the donation.

Rebecca Gomez as the maybe treasurer and Robert Sanchez who had a duty to report the donation and did not in violation of the law.

The answer is the only people who have a reason to lie are Rebecca Gomez and Robert Sanchez.


All singles make zero sense in terms of legality.  What ever the number, Gomez and Sanchez still had a duty to report x number of dollars of donations under $50.00. There was no legal reason to give all singles.  The person at the Democratic Party who received the money needs to be questioned by the Texas Ethics Commission to determine if Gomez paid with all singles or large bills or even a check.

The time line is also a verifiable fact.  If the money came at the last minute as alleged, then there would have been no time to open a campaign checking account and deposit a check and wait a day or two to clear.  Hence if I were trying to help a friend in such a manner at the last minute, I would give them cash, or maybe a money order paid to the Cameron County Democratic Party and then allow the candidate to sign the money order.

Again I was not there but Tad Hasse's explanation is plausible because he had no legal duty to report the donation, and two since he broke no laws such as Gomez and Sanchez, he has no reason to lie.

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