Thursday, September 13, 2018


UPDATE:  In researching the status of the latest appeal by Gregg Abbott on Child Protective Services I saw an order wherein an all Republican panel stayed Judge Jacks order of January until further review of  the evidence.  This is a tragic and sham ruling.  By staying the order children can die, leaving it in place while the evidence is reviewed merely inconveniences the state.  Honest and competent judges when in doubt protect the children, But not Republican judges - "let the children continue to die."

ANOTHER SILLY FROM DUARDO ONE OF THE CUARTO CHIQUILICUATROS  says the following given this post which challenges Cascos to denounce the governor and trashes the Republican Governor as a criminal.

" surfacing every now and then to seek pro-Republican Blogger Wightman for self-serving shallow comments. 

Chiquilicuarto Duardo has never met a lie or deception he will not print.  He calls mindless hyperbole unsupported by any evidence, ethical journalism.  Everything he writes would get him fired  from even a Penny Saver paper. 

"Hey Abbott" is running a commercial telling you he fixed Child Protective Services.  He does not tell you he had no choice but to sign something because a federal judge had a gun to his head and had already taken control of Child Protective Services.  He does not tell you that 6 months after he signed his fake reform Bills, the same federal judge said:

"In a 116-page opinion, U.S. District Judge Janis Jack ruled on Friday afternoon that Texas leaders will remain under the watchful eye of appointed special masters for three years as they implement more policies for how abused and neglected children are protected. That direction is necessary, she said, because the state has failed to address the system's problems "despite decades of awareness and extensive reports."

"Hey Abbott" is playing the same criminal game with our seniors by running cover for the guardianship program which even its director admits 10's of millions of dollars are being stolen every year by judges, lawyers and guardians.  It is so bad a federal judge has now held any judge who touches a guardianship case is subject to suit for monetary damages for neglect.  But lying "Hey Abbott" says it is all made up by the judges, and fails to tell you his administration remains under  federal oversight for neglect of our children, and before the November election a federal judge will decide if the courts will take control of the guardianship program he refuses to fix in the face of its own Administrator telling Abbott it has become a criminal enterprise.

All Republicans need to decide, do they stand with the criminal Gregg Abbott or the children and seniors being abused by the state?  Any Republican who refuses to denounce Abbott for his blatant lies and support of this abuse are unfit for office - no exceptions.

Oh yes, and Abbott is appeal the January decision telling the federal court of appeals he  can be trusted.

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