Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Before I post what my inside source sent me I want to say who the guilty parties are.  Tony Martinez, Rose Gowen, Rick Longoria, Joel Muinguia, and Ben Neece.  The fact just two of these 5 cannot muster two people to put on the agenda the removal for Cesar De Leon, Jessica Tetreau Kalifa, and David Betancourt, makes the five more guilty than the others.

They are watching this shadow government take what is now complete control of GBIC, and slowly the city.  All five should resign since they refuse to show leadership to protect the people from the Marin/Hernandez Shadow Government.

If you look at what is happening it is a repeat of what Carlos Marin did with United Brownsville.  Do you doubt me.

From my inside source:

"Bobby: I’m not sure, if you are aware, but GBIC hired Laura Matamoros at their meeting last Thursday, at an undisclosed salary, even though Nurith asked how much it would be. She asked, if it had gone through the hiring committee and De Leon said it didn’t need to, because it was just an ad hoc committee …. What? I don’t think they even posted it.  So, United Brownsville is back. She was the last United Brownsville employee, I believe."

Laura Matamoros was a writer press type person with United Brownsville.


Cesar DeLeon is without a doubt the head of personnel for the Hernandez/Marin Shadow Government.  Our incompetent city commission should resign for remaining silent in the face of the facts.

Cesar sua sponte hired Laura Matamoros. He sua sponte before any vote hired Mario Lozoya.  He tried but failed to delay the hiring of a city attorney by refusing to have meeting, not interviewing the most qualified candidate, a woman thereby engaging in gender discrimination, ignored the committee's input and then tried to rush the hirer of maybe the least qualified candidate Rene De Coss at Mike Hernandez's demand.

Our entire city commission needs to resign.  If  they were doing their job 4 would vote to remove Cesar DeLeon, Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa, and David Betancourt from the GBIC.  Then vote to hire a  forensic investigator to tie all of the corruption together to Carlos Marin, Mike Hernandez, Jessica, Cesar and David. With the evidence in hand they need to vote to demand the Texas Rangers take the lead along with the Texas AG criminal section.

They have the power to do all of this but will not.  Why?  To a person they sit in total fear of Carlos Marin and Mike Hernandez and have instead  decided to sell our government.  This shadow government in violation of Texas law is taking our tax dollars.


Anonymous said...

We said that Lazoya was a yes man, now he has taken the bait.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the Cameron County Good Government League? Former State Bar President Orrin Johnson who headed this group up, where are they now? Bring it back!

BobbyWC said...

Are they the ones who sued over city commissioners' benefits.

Anonymous said...

Cameron County Good Government League (GGL) formed in 1979. Orrin Johnson President of State Bar of Texas 1981 1982 was President of this non profit. They filed suite against Cameron County for several violations and won case on appeal. Look up Cameron County Good Government League vs Ray Ramon el al. Read June 9, 1981 Brownsville herald story see what then Commissioner Eddie Lucio said about Orrin Johnson, called him a KKK member. Wild stuff.