Thursday, September 27, 2018

I paid for this for several reasons. One I wanted to prove what I already knew. I am very proud of the 13.8% indigenous from Nicaragua.

Pure blood race is a myth.  We are all mutts.  All white supremacists should have to be tested.  They will be in for a shocker.  Be careful who you try and shame on race, because you could be shaming yourself.

The Moors were Arab and African.  They occupied Southern Spain from 711-1492.  If you are of Spanish descent you are bound to have African and or Arab blood.  The Moors brought people from Punjab, India as refugees. The British Isles were invaded by everyone.  So there is no such thing as pure blood English/British.

Well I am whipped.  I slept most of yesterday.  It is my only option.  After my morning Joe I am back in bed.


Anonymous said...

Which group did you use for your DNA analysis?

BobbyWC said...

23 and ME. The most interesting part of the results for me was, We were always told my grandfather was 100% castellano. Based on this I should have been at least 25% Iberian or more. He was born on the boat on the way from Spain. But now I know it proves an important point. Just because he was considered to be Castellano does not mean he was not a mutt of many blood lines. So many groups invaded and occupied the Iberian pennisula.. My puriest blood line is indigenous Nicaragua. Everything is really mutt blood lines.

Read the kit carefully. There is a cap you close after you spit a lot into it. Do not break the plastic. Close the cap and let the pastic break into the tube which then releases a liguid. You then remove the cap and replace it with another cap.

Bobby WC