Monday, September 3, 2018


My brother is on SPI for a few days.  It is actually a Texas trip.  They flew into Austin, checked it out for a night, then went on to San Antonio for a night, and now are here for a few days.  Tomorrow is Nuevo Progresso.  I cannot wait.

He brought me two large packages of Nicaraguan Rosquillas.  They are basically corn masa mixed with a raunchy cheese [image a never cleaned jockstrap for a 100 years and you are getting close to the smell of the cheese, but blended with the corn gives it a great flavor]. 

These are post Columbus indigenous.  There was no milk or cheese before Columbus.  But we eat a lot of indigenous food from Nicaragua.  But we also eat a lot of indigenous foods the original inhabitants showed the the first settlers of modern Rhode Island.

I am proud that my diet growing up was Nicaraguan, New England and indigenous from New England and Nicaragua.  These are going to kill my diet.

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