Sunday, September 16, 2018


Years ago I stopped watching AGT because one year they used teenage children to embarrass them for ratings.  Since then they have stepped things up to the best.  It is just not the music, they have amazing Las Vegas type show contestants who are so so talented.

Most contemporary singers have very little to no talent.  The second singer blows Madona away.  Madona has no capacity to project her voice.  Justin Bieber is a talentless hack who was pushed forward on his boyish looks without an ounce of talent.

I do like Lady Gaga once I understood her songs.  But she still does not have a powerful voice.

Such as in politics, the best performers are left out.

Now that AGT has stepped up its game you cannot miss when you watch the talent.  I only watch once they get to the semi-finals, and spend way too much time listening to these videos for my music while working.  Enjoy


My confidence in Downtown is so strong, I would not think twice if I had the money to open a piano bar, with high quality wine, and top shelf cocktails to the type music sung by the first person Sal.  A little good Opera would not hurt.  The goal is to blow your customers away and keep them coming back. We need to promote those in Brownsville with this type talent.

If Duardo had any research skills at all he would know Trey Mendez along with many others have developed a news letter and semi magazine on historical downtown promoting it. These people are not just talking, they are acting and at least as to security the city is backing them on that issue.  

I could not be happier for downtown based on all of the hard work being done by so many unsung heroes working to restore it.

It is happening.

We just need new leadership at the city commission who are committed 100% to downtown.

Newsflash for Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa and Cesar DeLeon, Mike Hernandez has already concluded you are both liabilities who cannot win in May 2019.  He already has your replacements in place after you did his dirty work for him.

I am so excited for May 2019, to see if we can place the right people in office to transform down.

We need 4 people smart enough to seek federal and state funding for the weir dam near Space X.  They need the water.  We only back up enough water for Space X. With the dam built once we can get Mexico to do their part we will be ready for the Brownsville River walk.  Knowing the dam is built may be enough to get Mexico to do their part.


Brownsville has talent in music, dance. architects, teachers, developers, lawyers, doctors and on and on.  I would love a bar which allows these amazing musicians to show off their talent.  There is so much trash out there the music industry calls talent.  The music industry's talent cannot compete with these performers. 

Brownsville is alive with endless talent in so many fields, but they cannot get through unless they kiss the ring of con artists like Mike Hernandez, Carlos Marin or Gilbert Hinojosa.  This is why the group I am trying to develop is so important.  If it works we will raise the money to promote all of the candidates who truly care about moving us forward.  If it works we will actually be promoting competing candidates.  The issue is  do they have the vision to move us forward.  If two end up running against Jessica Tetreau, Cesar DeLeon or Rick Longoria, we will promote both even though they are competing against one another.  With the combined resources we can put out a lot more mailers and take out more ads which promote good people who cannot raise the money on their own.

Only we the people can change things.

Remember how Montoya trashed the industrial corridor on a regular basis, but now that Carlos Marin has a financial interest through land all of a sudden the industrial corridor is Brownsville's salvation.  GBIC wants to bring us another Tenaska so Carlos Marin and Mike Hernandez can make a buck. 

The city commission needs to remove Jessica, Cesar and David asap, so the housing development  for the poor and the middle class can move forward.  Imagine these poor to middle income families will have walking distance access to the new IDEA school, and the amazing sports park, but Mike and Carlos need to make money so theypay Montoya to fuck over the people.  It will be the ultimate act of betrayal by the City Commission if they give in to Mike Hernandez's puppets on GBIC.  It will be worse than the Casa Del Nylon mess.  Sitting idle and not removing Jessica, Cesar and David from the GBIC, is already an incredible act of betrayal against the people of Brownsville.

Wow that went in a million directions.  But the theme is talent and the need to recognize it so Brownsville and Cameron county at a county level can move forward, along with a more regional approach in sharing ideas by regionalizing the process to include Willacy and Hidalgo county.

Only the BV proposes ideas and solutions to move us forward.  Los Cuatros Chiquilicuatros just play their bullshit fake conspiracy claims, take money to fuck over the people.  Even McHale in one post was dumb enough to state if you do not pay him he will trash you.  Duardo treats everyone as a character in a demented play no one will ever read, and Montoya changes sides at the drop of a hat depending on who is offering the most money.

I will continue to work with groups, sit down with elected officials and community activicts while Los Cuatros Chiliquilicuatros fabricate stories as a game to keep Brownsville, Cameron county and the region from moving forward. Based on what we know about los cuatro chiliquilicuartros does the spanish word for crab jaiba come to mind?

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Anonymous said...

Please cite your documented source that SpaceX has such a need for water that it will require a weir. I recall, early on, Musk making the statement that water will not be an issue for them. Even if it turns out they do want the water, why do you support inundating an environmentally sensitive area? Do you have any knowledge of the threatened and endangered species that use that area? Once you change the way the water flows out there you will not be able to go back. You can not call yourself an environmentalist and support a weir dam in the vicinity of the SpaceX site. I remember gilbert Salinas being quoted in the Herald at the time SpaceX was first being presented as saying he had been out tot he site and there was nothing out there. Yours is, I am afraid, the same kind of statement. It presumes you know what you are seeing when you look when, in fact, you do not. Have you even reviewed the environmental impact statement for this area? It is readily available and though it misses a lot, it would give you a place to start. And how about the previous impact statement, done when a group wanted to do a development out there (Playa del Rio, maybe?). I don't get why people make statements in support of projects that will have a major impact but don't feel like they need to do the research to make sure they actually know what they are talking about.