Saturday, September 22, 2018


Mike is so  obsessed with his corruption that he still cannot figure out I play every move with a purpose.  His dumb ass lawyers file a pleading agreeing the Mandate is defective by saying they have no opinion on this issue.  This now becomes a judicial admission.

As a formality I had to file a Motion with the Texas Supreme Court asking that they reform the mandate to comply with Texas Rule of Appellate Procedure 18.5.  I had Mike's pleading saying they had no comment on the issue.  Why? the mandate does not list the costs incurred at the Texas Supreme Court level as required by TRAP 18.5.  There is also the issue of where the Court of Appeals had already ruled I did not have to pay the $111.00 incurred by the court of appeals because I did not request certain records.

These idiots fail to understand they are to be neutral and not develop a record for either party.  The  trial judge is already answering for her biased conduct to favor Mike, and now so too will the court of appeals justices who in October 2017 ruled they had jurisdiction over my appeal, and then when my name appeared on the pleadings, they reversed the federal court of appeals and ignored their own earlier ruling and  found they had no jurisdiction.

I will work on all of this from the hospital and during my recovery in San Antonio.


It is finally time to go into federal court.  This will cost Mike a good penny, and royally piss of the Court of Appeals Clerk because she is a named defendant, the they appellate judges who became Mike's advocate in clear violation of the rules or professional conduct, the trial judge, and her coordinator.  It will also include the 9 Supreme Court Justices where I will seek a declaratory judgment based on court documents they have abolished my constitutional right to redress.   I will bet before this all comes to a final conclusion Mike will have spent at least a $250,000, where as my out of pocket will be $2,500.

This is all separate from my own defamation lawsuit against Mike. Mike is obsessed with anyone who challenges him.  It is almost a psychosis.  He will never stop spending money and wasting it because he cannot accept the fact everyone does not worship at his feet.  This is why he has to pay people to lie for him and say nice thing for him. 

Beyond Carlos Marin who all of the bloggers agreed stole from the people, until Mike paid them to say otherwise, Mike has no one who supports him.  His entire organization is bought and paid for.

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