Sunday, September 16, 2018


The BV with No Labels, calling for people to vote a blank ballot and not falling for the palanca game mostly played by the Democrats, setting up a group to seek out qualified candidates, even if it means endorsing both candidates in the same race, going out and meeting with Republicans to learn first hand who they are is all mortal sins according to the Cuatro Chiquilicuartros.

This is exactly what good blogs are for if you are a community activist.

They are not for making up false conspiracy theories such as Barton against Sylvia Atkinson and the candidates she supports.  Every politico who has the ability to raise money is raising money 24/7 to support candidates who they believe will help move there agenda forward.  This is 100% lost on Barton.  Every candidate who can raises money for the campaign.  This is lost on Barton.  He wants Erasmo to win, a convicted felon, so he will publish any moronic post against his primary opponent Otis Powers.

Two important notes:  I have made it clear none of Sylvia Atkinson's candidates are qualified  to sit on the BISD. Further you will note I called Erasmos Castro a convicted felon.  If I am wrong it would be Defamation Per Se.  Erasmo will not sue me because he knows if the judge agrees to my Motion to Dismiss based on truth or substantial truth, then it becomes a formal order of the court he is a convicted felon.  I am that confident in the law.  Erasmo Castro is a convicted felon illegally running for the the BISD as a trustee.  It should shock no one Barton supports a convicted felon to sit on the Board of the BISD.

I am considering a Declaratory Relief Action against Saenz, the BISD and Castro on the issue to prove Desperanza Zendejas and Baltazar Salazar are turning a blind eye to the placement of a convicted felon on the ballot.  This is an issue of great importance to the community and the case law is clear the order changing his felony conviction to a misdemeanor is a legal nullity, which means it does not exist.  Such an action will also show Otis Powers and Carlos Elizondo will not protect your children from a convicted felon serving on the BISD Board of Trustees.

The entire Robert Sanchez mess was just another fake conspiracy made up by Barton and Duardo.  It is standard practice all over the US to run pawn candidates to split the vote or help the real candidate you want to win to raise money.  There is zero news in this story - well except that Robert Sanchez and Rebecca Gomez admitted to concealing the donation.

Barton being the legal eagle he is got Sanchez to amend his report after he already admitted to the  criminal act and civil violation.  The TEC will not buy it.  It is like Barton telling someone to give the money back to the bank after admitting robbing it and the cops will say "okay you are free to go."

Not a word from Rebecca Gomez after I posted the documents proving she did the same thing to help  Eddie TreviƱo in 2010.  No a word from Barton or Duardo on the matter once I posted the documented evidence, versus hyperbole supported by no facts or documents. Really two business people did not have printers?

I do hope Robert Sanchez makes Barton his legal advisor on this one.  Watching Sanchez hanging himself will be fun.

In the middle of this Sanchez chose to harass me with endless texts of him and his restaurant.  His smile is insidious in the pictures.  I had to block him.  The man is not playing with a full deck.


Simply bitching endlessly, changing sides based on payoffs, making up fake conspiracy theories is not how a community blog works.  Getting out there and mixing with all sides is how you get the community to move forward.

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