Friday, September 14, 2018


Sorry the morning has been a nightmare.  I was just ordered to go to the VA in McAllen for more x-rays needed by the surgeon now.

I love my copy of this book because one side is in Russian and the other in English.  Such as Das Kapital which I read in its original German, I prefer to read this in its original Russian.

For sometime I have had a link to No Labels.  One thing which came out of the Cascos fundraiser was a realization on how many Republicans, Democrats, and Independents agree on the basic issues, but differ on the solution.  There is a moving consensus we now need to form a group of all groups to develop an agreement as to issues so the debate process can begin.

Every national poll shows this is what the American people want.

A good blogger, and anyone who understands blogging knows, we are to put forth solutions.  Only the BV has ever developed policy solutions.  No other blogger has done this.

This is why in every county and city elective office I still have an open door with those elected officials who want to see Brownsville and Cameron County move forward.  This is why I went to the Cascos event to see how close we are in opinion as to the nature of the problem, but maybe not the solution.

This is working as a blogger to move the city and county forward.

Journalist like the local bloggers use their bias in reporting, showing no ethics, which is why they are so poorly viewed by the American people and the people of Cameron county and Brownsville.

So off to McAllen.  My ride just got here.

Try reading this book.  America is so divided right now and the people want and demand those who understand this to work together.  The BV is  committed to the process of unity.

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