Tuesday, September 11, 2018



He is approving comments claiming I am the voice of  the Republican Party.  No one but Jim has ever defended right wing Republicans Roman Perez and Tad Hasse.

What Jim calls support for the Republican Party - me calling out Dr.  Rey Gonzalez for congress as promoting suicide among young people in the gay spectrum.  Me calling out Republican Governor Greg Abbott as engaging in negligence homicide by supporting the corrupt guardianship program.

If this is pro Republican I would hate to see what anti-Republican looks like.  Jim knows he has zero credibility so he lives to spread lies and hate.

Jim wants you to believe he was never at the Cascos event and Tad Hasse and I are in cahoots.  To support his story he posts a picture of Tad standing near my front and center table, next to the Governor's wife.  What the grieving widower does not tell you for much of the night after people ate he sat in front of me with his arm wrap a very young female.

He wants you to believe there is an 11th Commandment which says never talk to Bobby.  I still have an open door policy with Carlos Cascos contrary to Barton's lie and the fact not have I not only not endorsed Cascos, but I have made clear people should vote a blank ballot, which means no votes for Cascos.  This is what the lying Barton calls me earning my free ticket.  I have challenged Carlos Cascos on Dr. Rey Gonzalez's homophobia demanding he address it, and Governor [death to all seniors] Abbott's support for the corruption in the guardianship mess.  Shit hit the fan on that today and the Governor's lawyers are beside themselves.  The sad part is they probably have not even told him what is going on.  

Cascos has made clear that the State and National Republican Party platform has no application in Cameron County.  That is a big move when you are looking for campaign money,  But I am still holding him to the impossible position of denouncing what is happening.  But Carlos understands that I take a position and apply it equally to everyone - no scared cows. This is why we can still talk,  He knows I take a position and my next move is 100% predictable to everyone, at least smart people.

I can assure you when the problems in the guardianship mess hit the statewide press instead of just the free press, every Republican in the state will be hurt, including Cascos.  Cascos and I both know this.  So exactly how am I helping Cascos by telling people to not vote him and to instead vote a blank ballot?  Barton lies because he does not know better.

Wednesday between the immediate work I need to do on my brother's case, every judge now knows negligence by them waives their immunity and they must pay the full amount of the bond as an elected official.  They are all besides themselves now that they have to produce their bonds so I can file claims for myself and my brother.  I get a claim because the statute says any injured party.  The doctors will testify they destroyed his brain while he had nearly no memory to hate a family he cannot even remember.  It is called alienation of affections.  I am now looking at about $3 million in bond money for the two of us. Half will go to me and half will go to his son and and two granddaughters after he passes.

So Wednesday I have to stay on this.  My goal is to force the state, I am close, to remove him from the cesspool of the nursing home to MD Anderson in Houston where he will be made more comfortable before he passes.


I have no idea if he had life insurance on Nena, but based on experience I do know he qualifies based on his limited income for the VA widower's pension.
The basic monthly rate of DIC is $1,283 for an eligible surviving spouse. The rate is increased for each dependent child, and also if the surviving spouse is housebound or in need of aid and attendance. VA also adds a transitional benefit of $317 to the surviving spouse's monthly DIC if there are children under age 18.

Surviving Spouse Benefits - Senior Veterans Service Alliance

So long as Nena was at Valley Baptist the official VA hospital for veterans in Brownsville Jim got another chunk of change.

VA will pay up to $762 toward burial and funeral expenses for deaths on or after October 1, 2017 (if hospitalized by VA at time of death), or $300 toward burial and funeral expenses (if not hospitalized by VA at time of death), and a $762 plot-interment allowance (if not buried in a national cemetery).Jan 19, 2018.

Cremation is $750 in Brownsville.  Who knows on this one he claimed he donated her body to science and then changed his story and said she was cremated.

When Nena died I sent Jim all of the forms.  This is how I know.  Where else did he get the money to go to the Philippines to hook up with that young philly?


Jim wants you to believe I help people and betray them.  Evidence none.  This is Jim's reasoning if I post evidence that Jessica Tetreau's opponent has IRS problems this means I must only post positive stories about her no matter her conduct.  Jim  that is a scared care.  She went after disabled people because she did not want them as neighbors so I went with the story because I defend disabled people.  The dumb ass police chief gave her pictures of the inside of the house, an illegal act.  According to Jim's logic because I called out her opponent for IRS problems I betrayed Jessica for reporting this truthful story which painted her in a bad light.  No sacred cows Jimbo.

Taking Jim's logic to the extreme if on Friday I report an elected official had a fundraiser for children, I am untrustworthy if the next day I report they were arrested for molesting a child. No sacred cows Jim.  You oppose this because you need to protect your boy Roman Perez who forced you to trash Morgan and Tad with lies.  I defy you to produce the name of anyone who has personal knowledge of Tad and I exchanged two words since the Cascos event.  Because you are a liar you just lie.

Morgan Ciscneros Graham gives him a free ticket to the Cascos event, attacks everyone who reports on Tad Hasse's offensive language, and then on no evidence accuses Morgan of an act which is standard politics, and accused Tad to be the head of the snake in the conspiracy.  But I am the one who cannot be trusted.

Jim I remain to have an open door with elected officials in every office in Cameron County and Brownsville.  You do not.  When Cascos asked to speak with the bloggers over the endless defamation against Roger Ortis I was not there with you, McHale and Montoya, because Cascos afforded me a private audience so I did not have to taint myself by being in your presence.

The idea  for a name like LOS CUATROS CHIQUILICUATROS, came from some very high profile elected Democrats.  They find the four of you hate Cameron County and Brownsville and will stop at nothing to destroy all progress.

Wednesday I will all day be on my brother and doctor's appointments.  They will not do the surgery without a  full cardio work-up.  These are  all day Wednesday.

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Unknown said...

Good morning...pursuant to a story by Jim Barton on his blog, allow me to state the following: My campaign is on track & going as well as can be expected. The last conversation I have had with you (BWC) was at my event, albeit briefly, regarding my vision for our County. Anything to the contrary is false. I intend to continue making my campaign an issue oriented campaign...it's what our voters expect & deserve. Thank you & best wishes.