Sunday, September 23, 2018



An oddity about my health.  Walking on a soft surface is actually not that painful.  The tile and hardwoods in my home are really hard on me.   Also I know being partially bent over while I walk relieves pressure.  Well from that first bought dosage of Cialis I noticed it does exactly what it was created for.  It opens the lungs of people with lung disease.  I have two verified lung diseases.  The key is to give it a week or so.  On the free sample package a doctor gave me I gave up after three days.

So my roommate is working a lot of hours and the lawn has become a nightmare.  Every other day or so I am having to mow one of three sections.  The soft ground, an all wheel drive lawnmower, being partly bent over, and wearing my New Balance lumbar walking sneakers  I actually do fine.  In the past I have not walked because I could not breath.  The Cialis is amazing at opening the lungs.  So now that I can breath, I can walk, and walking seems to help with the pain.  Also the Cialis is a standard prescription for neuropathy.  The VA will not prescribe Cialis for even on label use.  So the first two months I bought in Singapore.  It is working fine. Last night I ordered from a company claiming to be based in Canada.  We shall see. And for the record the dosage is too low for ED.


I had planned to be outside this morning enjoying the breeze for a while, while reading, but made the mistake of clicking onto his fact resistant blog.  I posted this to his blog.  We shall see if he approves it.  I am making a few typo corrections.

"Well Jim had you done you homework or research you would have clearly seen there are many posts in the BV challenging Cascos.  It is called no scared cows. Even this term I have challenged him twice to disassociate himself with the craziness of  the Republicans.  He has not.  I have called twice for everyone to vote a blank ballot on  the County Judge race. I have known Carlos Cascos for years through a mutual associate.  His wife's friend growing up is my x' best friend.  We tend to meet at family funerals.  So again Jim your entire story is made up.  Unlike you Cascos understands freedom.  He gets it.  I will challenge when I need to, and agree with him when I agree.  Those who do not get this are cry babies who expect to be treated as sacred cows.  It surprises no one you support sacred cows when reporting.  And no you did not all of a sudden go after people you claim help you.  You had already thrown them under the bus, long before your claim you were going after them even though you are friends. "

Some added information.  Even Cris Valadez agreed to meet with me in Harlingen for lunch.  I never meet with people for information or stories in Brownsville, maybe save once.  We meet either in Harlingen or SPI.  So ad this to your story.  Not only will people meet with me, but they will meet my demand we meet in Harlingen or SPI.

Also anyone can click on the top left hand corner and type in Carlos Cascos name and see we do not have a sacred cow relationship.  When needed I have been highly critical of Cascos.

You see this is Jim's issue - if on Tuesday you write a story about someone in a positive light, but then on Friday learn they were arrested as a child molester, you are betraying them for writing about their arrest.

No Jim in real reporting there are no sacred cows.  Cascos is not waiting on me to turn on him. He knows I have been highly critical of him in the past and he knows I will be in the future, but he also knows I will print the good and promote what works.  He is a grown up who understands reality.  He is not like the pathetic crybabies you defend because of my policy of no sacred cows. 

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