Friday, September 21, 2018


Even though the letter written by Cesar De Leon proves he from September 2017 until April 2018, failed to hold one meeting on the selection of a new city attorney, Jessica lies and runs cover for Cesar De Leon and blames Ben Neece.  This is separate from the fact she had herself put on the  committee and then never attended any meetings.


The Herald reports Jessica saying the following:

"Commissioner Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa said the city has spent $100,000 on legal services without a permanent city attorney. Former City Attorney Mark Sossi’s employment was terminated by the commission in August 2017."

I will note Jim Barton then quoted by Montoya another bought and paid for whore for Mike Hernandez quote Jessica as saying $150,000.

Now I will go with the Herald.  In the mean time I will try and get the real numbers from the city.  Primary source is always your best source.

If the Herald accurately quoted Jessica, then the city actually saved money over the last 12 months by not having a full time city attorney.  When you consider his wages plus benefits it exceeds $100,00.  And possibly even $150,000 when you consider how much we paid outside attorneys while Mark Sossi was the city attorney.

Again I will not quote the salary alleged by a reader.  I cannot find anything on line, so I am going to the primary source to find out how much the city paid in wages to Sossi, benefits, and referral to outside counsel for the 12 months before his discharge.  Primary source is always the best source.

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