Thursday, September 6, 2018


From one of his shtick posts this morning.  Further up his post he says Joe Rodriguez cannot win and is a loser.

Then he posts this.

Not Registering On The Richter Scale –
a.) Joe Valdez  Candidate for BISD’s Position 1.
b.) Jorge Valdez – Candidate BISD Position 4
c.) Otis Herman Powers, Jr. – Candidate BISD Position 2
d.) Prisci Roca-Tipton – Candidate BISD Position 4
e.) Randy Gonzalez – candidate BISD Position 4
F.) Mark Cortez – Candidate BISD Position 1
Here is the ballot for position 4.
Position 4 - 4 Year Term
(Currently held by Joe Rodriguez )
Randy Gonzales1
"Coach Joe" A. Rodriguez2
Dr. Prisci Roca Tipton3
Jorge Valdez4

Duardo with his moronic shtick claims Randy Gonzalez, Dr. Tipton and Jorge Valdez are not even registering on the richer scale.  They are all place 4 candidates.  That leaves Joe Rodriguez which he says cannot win.

Will someone please explain to Duardo all 4 candidates cannot lose.  One of them has to win. This is his shtick for the trolls who hate Brownsville and just want to stir trouble to keep us down.  It is old and Duardo and McHale need to be taken down for the con on Brownsville and Cameron county.  

My next post which I am almost  done with clearly has me pulling my endorsement of Drue Brown, Dr. Tipton and Otis Powers [ actually with Otis it was a default analysis not an endorsement.]

Anyone paying McHale to promote them is not fit to hold elective office expecially as a BISD Trustee.

As part of McHale's endless shtick he approved this comment by Donald Clupper. "

"Donald Clupper Richard Wise You mean Bobby W/C? He is a fat gay, mentally ill disbarred attorney who writes a blog called the Brownsville Voice. Anyone stupid enough to read his blog should be committed to the nut house!."

This issue is a line I will never allow anyone seeking public office to cross.  Children are killing themselves over this ignorant hate speech .  And McHale wants to know why his kids do not want to see him.

Drue Brown, Dr. Tipton, and Otis Powers and for that matter Carlos Cascos all knew what they were getting when they got in bed with McHale.  It was needless - he has zero credibility and can deliver not one vote.  People who read his trash were already supporting Cascos.

When people are willing to turn a blind eye to the kind of ignorance and hate speech which leads to children killing themselves, they are unfit for elective office and especially for a school Board position of Trustee.

So I do not want to hear this post was designed to support anyone.  I am calling on everyone to vote a blank ballot on BISD and regular November elections.  On BISD I am working as hard as possible to get the state or feds to take control.  This Board and those running are all to a person unfit to set any policy which impacts children. 


My source did not file any complaint on this issue.  But upon learning about complaints from other parents, she went to the office and was told the truth about what happened.

The teacher for the three year old program followed all proper protocol and informed Egly she had jury duty and would not be in.  The parents will tell you this teach is amazing and a star within BISD.  

The Egly Administration failed to make arraignments for a replacement and parents filed complaints when they realized there was a classroom of three year old children with no supervision.  The parents started to hand out the breakfast left for the children.  The Egly administration endangered every child by its actions.  Despesperanza is refusing to take any action for the reckless endangerment of these children.


In the morning the parents now have to drop the 2nd to 5th graders at the gym.  They may not go near  the classroom and speak with the teacher to insure their child is doing fine in school. So much for BISD supporting BISD parental involvement.

Children with anxiety disorders are being reported as crying over being placed with so many children in one room.

This is child abuse to keep the parents kept in the dark about the mismanagement of Egly.  Another complaint is going out to the TEA.  I can assure you Zendejas will defend the policy.

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