Wednesday, September 5, 2018


He calls out Barton  for mischaracterizing how Duardo communicates with Robert Sanchez, and then point blank lies about how I cover the candidates. "None of these bloggers has bothered to call or visit with incumbent Trevino."LIE - Treviño for years since he has been mayor has rebuffed every effort I have made to have a sit down with him.  Cascos' has never refused a request.

Treviño is one of Carlos Marin's and Gilbert Hinojosa's boy and they will not allow him to speak with me.  His office has always been very clear - never.

Treviño is only giving Duardo an interview because he knows  Duardo has endlessly trashed Cascos with lies and just made up stories.  Duardo's obsession with avoiding facts is so bad, he trashes me  for seeking out the facts.

When I left the Cascos event I had no editor redoing my story because they paid for me  to go to the event.  I was 100% free to write about what I saw.  This angered Duardo into a fit because the facts went against all of his made up stories about Cascos.

His claim I was swayed by Cascos' pitch is also false.  Just made up shit.  I was clear and the BV archives prove it, I have been writing about the regional approach to economic development for some  14 years.  So I hear someone talking about my documented approach as something they believe in and it makes me happy.  So no I was not swayed by Cascos.  I has happy to hear someone was finally adopting an approach which the BV archives prove I have been pushing for some 14 years.

Robert Sanchez - oh please - Duardo has trashed him left and right as not credible.  Then he claims he has this story involving Morgan Graham.  It was an insult to anyone born alive.  The idea Sanchez ever had a chance to win the primary is a joke, and Morgan knows that.  Just another made up story from Duardo.  Sanchez has openly admitted to lying in his text messages.  What kind of journalist goes to a source who has openly admitted to lying in his text messages?

He is besides himself I actually went to know who these people are.  He is upset I had no editor pressuring me to cover the story in one direction or the other.  He is upset I was able to speak with the First Lady about an important national issue which is about to get the state and her husband sued for neglecting his job.

He is upset I discovered a group of people who are not part of the troll community of bigots within the right wing part of the Republican Party.  He is upset I reported the truth which called out his fabricated narrative about the Republicans.

He is upset I went for a story - a story I am nearly ready to break - a story I never would have gotten had I stayed home.

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