Wednesday, September 26, 2018


My mindset on the surgery has been so healthy and positive.  By this time next Wednesday I will be checking into Methodist hospital in North San Antonio, off of 281.  I should not be counting down the days.  It is most definitely not healthy.  The pain grows worse by the day so I get more and more anxious to get this done. 

Every doctor I know has told me the recovery will be long and hard.  There is only an estimated time for the surgery 2:45 hours to 3 hours, but depending what he finds it can go longer.  The estimated hospital stay is 4 days, but it can go longer.  Time in hotel in SA is 10-14 days, with the follow up visit on day 16, so I might as just well stay in SA.  With so many unknown variables the anxiety gets worse. 

The VA put me on another medicine to help with the pain.  Nothing.  I have been up all night. 

Guys, if you are ever in this position do not allow yourself to go into a count down mode.  It only magnifies the anxiety.  I went from no anxiety to wanting to go to SA now and wait in a hotel until they are ready for me. 

We shall see how the rest of the week goes when it comes to blogging.  My friends have noted they have never seen me so drained.  The body can only take the pain so long.  Long naps help, but then work does not get done. 

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