Tuesday, September 11, 2018



Erasmos Castro called me and without asking when he told me the truth I agreed to an immediate correction.  The Erasmo running for BISD DID NOT notarize the Sanchez filings, but a family member with the same name.

Duardo claims I have a broken down truck. Just one of his many lies. I have a brand new Kia and so too does my roommate. Then Duardo claims it is beneath him to ride in a car and that is why he does not have one. What a contrast to when he called the above car his baby he prided himself on. 

Was your car repossessed Imp? God I truly believe you do not know the concept of truth or right from wrong. As to your claim I advised Morgan, just another lie. She held the letter until her lawyer cleared it. This is an area I work on, but do not give advice other that what I post. Senator Cruz is 100% in agreement with Morgan. Most courts are allowing for extensive discovery costing the platforms a fortune with discovery. It is common knowledge trolls like you post anony defamatory comments thinking you are protected. Wordpress will know who posted every anony comment and when it is the blogger the suit goes forward and then the other anony's are added. Morgan has the resources Imp so run to your beloved NM like you always claim to do.

I will bet the farm you can harass her all you want and you will not hear from her except through her attorney.  Good luck with that.

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