Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Good day Bobby,
In response to a post by Jim Barton, you & I have had no conversations regarding any topic, except for our brief discussion at my event regarding my vision for our county. I am happy to report that my campaign is going well. I will also reiterate that I intend to continue running a positive and issue oriented campaign...its what voters expect and deserve...stay well.

Carlos did respond on the issue of transgender and Dr. Rey Gonzalez.  In part as noted there is a lack of information on the issue.  I blame the fake liberal press.  There is so much science on the issue of gay spectrum and the press seems to not want it known.

Cascos' statement.

Well the statement is now in published statements but you cannot copy and paste from there.  He basically said transgenderism is not a subject he knows about but if the language I attributed to Dr. Rey Gonzalez is correct he did not agree with it.  He did say he thinks the issue is complex.  Complex is an understatement.  I saw a program on CSPAN2 the other night where people who use to identify as transgender were mad as yell now saying they did not transition but simply  embarrassed their biological self.  I agree with them.  I have always rejected the term transgender and taken a lot of hits for it.  My niece was born a female and simply embraced her biological self.  She did not transition from male to female.


Me demanding Cascos take a position on Dr. Rey Gonzalez's ignorance which is standard Republican Party language is me adopting the Republican agenda, according to Duardo.  Standing up for the gay spectrum is now a Republican issue.  Pathological liar is all I can say about Duardo.

Me demanding Cascos take a position on the many lawsuits challenging the criminal enterprise headed by Governor Abbott and Republican Chief Justice Hecht concerning the guardianship program, is me carrying the Republican torch. I guess the lawsuit against the Governor I will be filing very soon will also be me carrying the Republican torch.  Me being clearly against the wall and separating families is me carrying the Republican torch.  

Duardo cannot help himself.  He does not know a lie from the truth.


I found a comment she posted which I approved, just now.  She was upset with my characterization of her.  It is the same message she text me when she woke me up.  My system failed and I was not notified of the comment.

So Sylvia it is posted.  I repeat it here so it is not buried in an old post.

Dr. Sylvia P Atkinson said...
 Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that you would unfairly misrepresent me. I have been one of the only board members to publicly advocate for our special needs children, try to add more mental health services for both students and staff, and try to address the incredible lack of transparency at the district level. I have advocated for Rachel's challenge and promoted David's law at all levels. My commitment to all staff and all students is rooted in my firm belief that we are all created equal in the eyes of our creator.

As an advocate for the physical and emotional safety and security of our students, I will always speak out against those who try to limit or deny their rights of self expression and pursuit of their own happiness.
September 7, 2018 at 7:21 AM

It blew my mind how many were accusing me of covering up everything wrong with BISD.  I have filed more complaints than anyone and won many and forced major change.  The idea I run cover for BISD is absurd.

The comments I deleted were all absurd by the trolls. 

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