Sunday, September 2, 2018


Because of the intentional shtick between McHale and Duardo the truth is lost. Like I said  I meet with politicos all of the time on policy issues.  They are private conversations and always will remain that way.

Journalists attend political events as invitees all of the time.  The issue is how you handle it.

I made no endorsement after attending the Carlos Cascos' event.  I specifically said I have to do my due diligence before I make a decision.

I also do not play the game because someone takes a picture with you or speaks with you they like you are agree with you.  Political events kind of force politicos to take pictures with people they may not agree with.  Mike Hernandez loves to post pictures he has with politicos knowing full well they will not give him the time of day.  It is one of his many con jobs.

This picture of me with Governor Abbott's wife means nothing.  She was at the event and honored me with a picture.  I found her to be gracious, a delight to speak with, sincere, and hip.  My two conversations with her will not be discussed because they were private.  They dealt with a statewide and in fact nationwide problem.  Her response to me is no one's business.

For all I know she was just doing her duty as the First Lady by allowing for the picture.  But nonetheless she was a breath of fresh air on compassion.  The governor is very lucky to have such a wonderful wife. It was my absolute pleasure to meet her.  My feelings  toward her will not change simply because we have different political views on certain issues.  In fact I started the standing ovation when she was introduced because I was so taken by her sense of humanity and compassion.

But you will not hear me pretend we have a relationship or an understanding of future conversations.  That is what Mike Hernandez does with his deceptive pictures with the governor to make it appear he has access when I know for a fact he does not.


I was more than half way back from San Antonio on the phone debating whether I should go or not.  Journalists always go to these events with no questions as to their ethics. I was consulting with friends on the phone at the same time I was pulling over to text Morgan.

I reported exactly what I saw.  Yesterday and again today because I missed the ending when I fell asleep from the pain I watched "The Locket."  Robert Mitchum has a great line when talking to a psychiatrist.  He said "you have an opinion, I have facts."  What I described is exactly what happened.  This is fact not opinion from a failed journalist.

Carlos Cascos freely answered questions.  He addressed the issue of returning to Cameron County, and the First Lady of Texas read a very strong letter of endorsement from Governor Abbott.  The band, Spasmatiks are from Austin and well known.  Carlos Cascos would actually take dignitaries to see their shows on Wednesdays.

The BV has been writing for nearly 14 years about county and regional unity.  This is the heart of Cascos campaign.  Political party affiliation aside, why would I change my view on this issue just because a Republican supports it?

All of the people of all ages I spoke with were clear, this is what we need for Cameron county.

This is the reporting I did, not some stupid facial analysis.


I had some inside information about this endless shtick being played by Duardo, McHale, and even Cris Valadez.  In the end I went because I like Morgan Graham who is trying tirelessly to bring people together of all political sides.  This is how we heal the U.S.  But I needed to check something.  We can agree on a human problem, and then legitimately debate the best solution to the problem.  This is what makes for a strong Democracy.  The State Republican Party would do well to have Morgan as its Chair.  

You know a good reporter gets the information and then reports it after further development.  A good reporter does not rush to their typewriter and type out limited information when they actually see a bigger story.  A good reporter is patient.

But I will say this - Treviño has said not a word of his vision for the  county.  Cascos' vision is out there for everyone to see.  I am about moving Cameron county forward.  Cascos and I as to basic policy are on the same page.  I was so happy when he included the school districts as part of the solution.  He clearly understands working as a unit makes the money go further.

Treviño is providing no information about his vision - period.

Cameron county is not the national Republican Party.  The people I met are about finding a middle and solutions, while staying away from the nonsense and petty politics.  For me this is hope.  It is easy to find a troll in any larger group and focus on him.  I did not meet any of the trolls causing problems for the Cameron County Republican Party.

Later in the week I  expect a bigger story.  I am working on it.  I need to further verify.  The story is already in action and it would not surprise me if Montoya denounces the story before I even print it.

I will say this I have known for weeks, Treviño, Governor Abbott, and Cascos all rebuffed Mike Hernandez for what he is.  The story is not that because what I just said shocks no one  - even those taking Mike's money.  The story is the insider promoting Mike Hernandez knowing full well Mike opposes his so called friend.  The story is the insider defaming me around town in messages to promote Mike Hernandez. 

Mike really is clueless how despised he is by the very people he pays.  Getting inside information at this point is not even a challenge.  They know his complete failure is a formality so they are working to be on record as taking him down.  The contempt for Carlos Marin is very real.  To know Carlos Marin is to know when the time comes Carlos will be the first to put the knife to Mike to save his own ass.

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BobbyWC said...

First Duardo says he posted to the BV. Absolute lie. Also I work long hours and do not have time monitor everything when I am doing an indepth brief.

First he is a liar. Futher I would have approved the comment and responded exactly as I do now.

I did call a friend at a national newspaper and they told me based on my objected I was sure free to go.

Duardo's argumement reaches the point of the macabre. He says if my boss at a paper buys me a ticket to a political event then my paper would not be supporting the campaign. But if someone not running for office invites me and I nor my boss are paying for the ticket I am compromised. I will go with my friend at the national newspaper thank you very much.

What Duardo refuses to comprehend I was after a story. So I went. I had no plans on dancing. I really expected to just sit there and feel way out of place. To Duardo learning the truth - meaning facts - about these people destroys my credibility. No Duardo facts matter, and kinder antics of comparing a photoshopped pic to another pic and claiming that tells you about the candidate is not fact - it is just childish and the type antics which would get you booted from even a middle school paper.

But now back to my indepth analysis which I am sure would explode your mind when integrating hundreds of pages of documents with facts and case law, and then converting everything to readable and book marked for efiling in federal court.

Bobby WC