Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Awe the cold shower was good on my back, especially with the seat allowing it to hit my back.  I am waiting on my ride.

Yesterday I was just too out of it to check my unpublished comments.  I have contacted google to no avail.  Comments are not being forwarded to my email for moderation.

I just found this one from yesterday.

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
Please cite your documented source that SpaceX has such a need for water that it will require a weir. I recall, early on, Musk making the statement that water will not be an issue for them. Even if it turns out they do want the water, why do you support inundating an environmentally sensitive area? Do you have any knowledge of the threatened and endangered species that use that area? Once you change the way the water flows out there you will not be able to go back. You can not call yourself an environmentalist and support a weir dam in the vicinity of the SpaceX site. I remember gilbert Salinas being quoted in the Herald at the time SpaceX was first being presented as saying he had been out tot he site and there was nothing out there. Yours is, I am afraid, the same kind of statement. It presumes you know what you are seeing when you look when, in fact, you do not. Have you even reviewed the environmental impact statement for this area? It is readily available and though it misses a lot, it would give you a place to start. And how about the previous impact statement, done when a group wanted to do a development out there (Playa del Rio, maybe?). I don't get why people make statements in support of projects that will have a major impact but don't feel like they need to do the research to make sure they actually know what they are talking about.
September 17, 2018 at 6:59 AM"
The comment raises some important questions.  But it is also deceptive and very anti economic development.
California and Nevada would not exist as major economic engines today if this anony had his way.  The Hoover Dam displaced many animals and fauna.  Some were lost for ever.  It is about balance.  Our mere existence impacts the environment.  Did you know weight loss causes carbon in the air to rise.  I guess we should all stop trying to be healthier because wait loss contributes to global warming.

We are not going back to live in caves, which also has a detrimental impact on the environment.  

As to the water issue, if you believe Space X has no need for water for the launch of rockets, your are just too biased to have an opinion on this issue.  We are already paying way too much for water and sewage.  Because of my energy efficiency efforts in my home my electric bill is nearly the same as my water and sewage.

We need water not just for Spacex, but for the farmers and our homes.  The amount of water needed to manage SpaceX is so large it will impact what we pay for water.

As to the environment, I opposed Space X.  But it is here and nothing we say or do will stop that.  It makes simple economic sense since Space X is demanding water that we do the weir dam to increase the water for Space X. the farmers, and homes.  We only need to back it up a small amount.  We will then have in place step one to developing a river front downtown which will be a major economic boom in taxes for the city and county.  

I will not dispute the environmental impact on the area.  Any development including a simple house has an environmental impact.  But a water source could bring more animals back to the area and actually restore the area environmentally which has been damaged over the years.  Many fauna and animals are crossing from Mexico into the US.  A major water source could increase that migration, thereby having a positive environmental impact on the area.  


Anonymous said...

Regarding "Weight loss" causing carbonic the air.

Had you'd been "healthy" from the get go, you wouldnt have to lose weight. You chosen to eliminate half of the process.. You weren't born overweight.

Not an attack, but its like saying "it rains out of nowhere". no it doesn't .. theres a process of evaporation before it rains.

BobbyWC said...

You are an idiot and know nothing and I mean nothing about physiology and anatomy. I was gaining 10 pounds a year for years until I reached 280. I am now down 60 pounds on under 600 regulated calories a day.

Science is real. I have verified hypothalamic dysfunction. This regulates hormones. I am on complete hormone replacement. One disorder is loss of your metabolism.

Do you know what at age 58 my heart cath was 100& clean? I have always been a healthy eater. At age 50 when I was doing two hours a day on the tread mill, 300 crunches, and an hour of free weights I benced 315 pounds on my 50th Birthday. I admit a big mistake I am now paying for it with my second spinal surgery. I was eating healthy. But gaining massive fat every month. The doctors were dumbfounded because based on my muscle density I should have been losing weight. By accident an upper spinal MRI found empty sella sydrome which resulted in a full endocrinological work up. This is when the hypothalamic dysfunction was discovered and I had no metabolism.

But my life style still paid off because the heart cath showed me to be 100% clean. My blood sugar is amazing. All of my lipids are amazing. My blood pressure is amazing.

So you might learn a bit about science troll before you shoot off your mouth.

Also I have hypothyroidism which the VA will not treat because it is mild. It also causes you to gain weight.

And the fact is the way the fat burns from your body causes carbon dioxide to enter the air.

The delay in posting you post was I am not getting notified of posts. I need to keep on checking on waiting posts. I saw yours and approved it.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Let me respond to your response. First, I note that you did not cite a source for your statement that SpaceX will require a great deal of water. My comment was based on a quote from Elon Musk that they would not. What is your source? But one thing at a time. The glib remark about weight loss is more of the "anti-tree hugger" crap people who don't actually have a real answer throw out there. Of course, I don't think you think it is an issue but it does make you look like a dick. We have destroyed over 90% of the wild areas of the Valley. Saving a few thousand acres of wetlands and tidal flats isn't likely to put us back into the stone age so I guess this is another glib comment that is a response in lieu of fact. And I have reviewed my post and don't see any comment about California or Nevada or anywhere else but the SpaceX site. I don't know what the circumstances were out west at the time the dam was built so I will withhold comment (like you should have done rather then guessing at what I was thinking-once again short on fact). Lets say Musk doesn't know his business and they do need water. How is that going to effect our city water bill? The county will have the duty to supply water to him, he is well out of the city limits. And how is the water going to get there. Right now what water is provided by the county is trucked in. There are no water pipes to Boca Chica. A weir in the area of SpaceX will not benefit farming since there is no farming in the salty soil out that way. I wonder if water in a weir out there would leach salt from the soil and render it undrinkable. And, tell me, please, how adding a fresh water impoundment to an area that never had one will restore the area? Restore it to what? The majority of the fauna out there is adapted to the hyper saline environment as it is. Flooding a tidal flat with fresh water will only remove a significant portion of the food source for resident and migrating animals. By the way, what fauna (and animals?) do you anticipate will be returning to the area if it is "restored" to what it never was? One last thing. I actually checked with people I know in the space industry when Musk made his no need for water comment because I thought it unlikely. The majority opinion was that he would need lots of water but that Musk has figured ways to do things differently so maybe not. I think if he does indeed need lots of water a simple water line directly from the river will do the job with a minimum of damage.
I know you will not print this, you never do print responses or clarifications when you call someone out with clearly incorrect information. Also, what does it say about you that you felt the need to try to demean me with unsupported bullshit simply because I expressed a opinion contrary to your opinion. Why does it threaten you so?

BobbyWC said...

Your post is nonsense. I never said you mentioned California. If you want my readers to believe Hoover Dam did not displace fauna and animals, you are trying to play them. The reference was to the idea of balance and sometimes fauna and animals will be harmed and sometime be helped. The wetlands they created along SH48 brought in so many bird did displace smaller animals and fauna. In my opinion it was worth it.

You dismiss my Hoover Dam reference because you know it proves the point if you take environmental concerns too far you stop needed progress. The fact is it produces so much electricty. Electricity not from carbon based fuels.

Bobby WC