Wednesday, August 8, 2018



A text message I got at 8 this morning told me Ben Uresti cancelled today's hearing sua sponte, meaning on his own and not at the request of any party.  The portal I use from home to check on the status of a case has been down all morning.  So I have no idea if he stated a reason.  As soon as the portal is up again, if there is a reason to report, I will report it.

The system is up, and there is no notation the hearing is cancelled, but Judge Uresti's docket calender shows he has nothing scheduled for today.


Thursday's hearing proves just how incompetent Louis Sorola and Ben Uresti really are.  The hearing is to decide if Rene Oliviera had legal authority to represent the GBIC at the Temporary Injunction hearing.

There are actually laws which govern the order or motions.  A court can do nothing until it rules on a Plea to the Jursidiction based on Subject matter. Why? because if the court has no subject matter jurisidction then it has no legal authority in the case.  This is just one of many rules routinely ignore by our incompetent judges.

A second motion which must be heard before any matter in chief is a Motion to Show Authority to represent your client.

There is no question Oliviera was hired in violation of TOMA.  So here is the problem if Ben Uresti on Thursday grants the Motion to Show Authority and finds Oliviera had no legal authority to represent the GBIC at the Temporary Injunction hearing does Sorola's order become a legal nullity for allowing Oliviera to appear for the GBIC?

Sorola's lack of known of the law is nearly surreal.  Do you really need to be a judge or lawyer to understand that if someone has no legal authority to speak in a case, the judge cannot allow them to speak until the Motion to Show Authority is first resolved?

Sorola through his incompetence ignored the order of motions and may have created a mess.


I will not be at the hearing because this is all way over the head of Ben Uresti.  There will be a perfunctory hearing and the motion will be denied.

A mandamus can be filed but will not be filed.  So the saga will continue with Montoya's headline being Nurith Galonsky losses again.  It is all to predictable to waste a minute of my time attending the hearing.

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