Tuesday, August 14, 2018


He came to town to announce his opposition to corruption and he would end it.  


His first act was to align with Carlos Marin of Imagine Brownsville and his $900,000 scam on Brownsville taxpayers.  Based on this fact, every blog went after him.  To keep the bloggers from speaking the truth he sued McHale and demanded McHale leave Brownsville and never speak of him again before he would dismiss the lawsuit.  McHale now praises him for this and calls it an act of character.

The BV focused on what was actually being done because it had inside access through Jose Angel Gutierrez.  I have known Jose now for maybe 20 years.  McHale agreed to never speak of Mike Hernandez again and was allowed to stay in Brownsville as part of the settlement.


Mike Hernandez denies he tried to bribe me to change my endorsements over 2 years ago in Port Election.  He had a good working relationship with the BV covering OP1033 based on actual information.  But then Mike raised his ugly head, and the BV realized it was all a con.

Mike as part of his stupidity allowed an email to be posted wherein he said he should have gone to McHale and Montoya first because they would have taken his money.  Then in a second email he clearly offers both financing for a blog which covers the issues as Mike sees them, but they cannot write the truth about his questionable actions.  Oh, Mike it is all going to the federal court.  Mike's own emails prove he was offering money to the bloggers to only say good things about him.  He announced his deal in an email concerning Montoya.  Montoya went from:

to praising Mike as the second coming after the money started to roll in.  Hernandez is trying to buy the BISD election.  I personally believe none of the so called 3 malos are running.  They all will drop out once Mike has his people on the ballot.  If you are advertising with McHale or Montoya we will presume you are bought and paid for by Mike Hernandez.

McHale has gone from calling him a con artist, to a man of great character.  That earthquake you felt the other day was the power brokers and politicos in town laughing their asses off how easy it was for Mike to buy Jerry McHale.  I do not give a crap about anything McHale, Montoya, or Barton prints about me because I know they are not invited to key meetings.  I know the power brokers consider them to be jokes and to be read for a good laugh.


I challenged Mike to take out a full page ad in the Herald condemning the corruption of DA Saenz in protecting his nephew.  This would have been a clear message he opposes corruption.  When I learned he would not be doing the ad, yes Mike I have inside people telling me about all of your machinations, I ran the story on Montoya's history.  You see Mike could not run the ad without exposing himself to a double standard by protecting Montoya.  Second he could not run the ad because as Montoya told us and the DOJ, which has a huge file on George Gavito, Saenz is now Mike Hernandez's bitch.

Montoya, who must have been crazy at the time because of the criminal implications of the following posted this clear threat to BISD counsel Baltazar Salazar, for not supporting the $30-40 million deal with Mike Hernandez's company Jacana.  "Gavito, who is now representing Mike Hernandez's (OP 10.33)  Cameron County Educational Incentive in the  venture, allegedly texted Salazar telling him that he should remember to count to four, the number of  votes that form a majority on the seven-member board."

On a side note George Gavito according to Robert Sanchez is the one who pays the bloggers with money given to him by Mike Hernandez.

Montoya went on to mock Salazar for complaining to Saenz because Mike Hernandez owns Saenz.

"What Salazar may not have realized was that Gavito was one of Saenz's close collaborators as an investigator during the DA's first term in office in the 1980s."

Now the reality is nearly the entire story is based on rumor with no supporting facts. So it is anyone's guess if any of it is true.  It could have just been a made up story to intimidate Salazar into getting on board with Mike Hernandez.

Well the post has gone off to the DOJ with a request that they demand Salazar turn over the email.  If it is real, Luis Saenz will have to explain why his name was involved in protection for Hernandez.

BISD has had tons of reasons to discharge Salazar for well over a year.  But nothing until he crosses Mike Hernandez.  Salazar was a good soldier when he was screwing over special needs children, but now is a bad soldier that he will not go along with Mike Hernandez.


After painting Mike Hernandez as one of the biggest con artists in Brownsville's history, now that McHale is his bitch McHale writes, " I believe that visionary Mike Hernandez is a man of character."

What could McHale actually know about character?  But here is the proof in McHale's post about Hernandez being a man of character.  In the same post McHale writes "Los Tres Malos--Rodriguez, Elizondo and Lopez--have plunged the Brownsville Independent School District into utter chaos.  ...  Now they are considering raising taxes again. The $50 million for an arts & performance center has to come from some source."

So McHale calls Hernandez a man of character, but then condemns the deal Mike Hernandez's company Jacana has cut with BISD through the so called tres malos. Reports show the potential deal at $30-40 million, not $50 million.  But I ask if Mike Hernandez is the man behind the deal McHale condemns for the arts and performance center, and is business partners with Carlos Marin, how can Mike Hernandez be a man of character?  Answer - payments for good press and cover up.

Let's not forget the $900,000 Carlos Marin conned the city out of for Imagine Brownsville and then the endless hundreds of thousands of dollars for United Brownsville.  So McHale condemns the deal while failing to tell his readers the man behind  the deal is Mike Hernandez a man he now calls a man of character.

We were conned with the shadow government run by Carlos Marin and others.  Now Montoya and McHale are 100% on board with the shadow government being run by Miker Hernandez and Carlos Marin.

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