Friday, August 10, 2018


This was originally going to be a Monday story.  The reason is no longer important.  Sorry for how the pictures are posted.  I have never been able to get blogspot to work with my pictures.


On his last charge of public intoxication Bobby Lerma basically let him walk.  Given his long history on drinking, that never ever would have happened in Dallas.  Lerma wanting to cover his tracks initially objected to releasing the court records while failing to even come close to complying with Rule 12 under which judges operate, and then released the dismissal of the charges with a small fine which appears to have been suspended.  Actually the order is not very clear at all.


I have the body cam of Montoya's last arrest.  I will not post it for two reasons.  One, I cannot edit out the face or private information on the woman who made the call, and two it would only serve to humiliate Montoya.

Based solely on how Montoya interacted with the police had this been his first charge as a judge I just would have dismissed it outright.  On the video, and I doubt Montoya will challenge me on this, he is 100% professional and respectful with the officer.  In fact had he not very calmly admitted to being over the limit, I see nothing on the video which would indicate he was intoxicated.  He was very calm, no slurred speech, and A+ professional with the officer.  When he could not get a ride he calmly said that they should just arrest him since they would not allow him to walk home or drive his car.

My point is, on the video alone I see a respectful very calm man speaking with the police with zero evidence which would leave me to believe he was intoxicated, except for his admission. 

You have to print all sides of a story and because the video paints Montoya in a very positive light, I have to publish that side of the story.


Boy his privilege with Saenz's never end.  No one else would have received so many continuances over a felony DWI as Zeke Silva.  The proper authorities are watching for improper influence by Alex Dominguez on Saenz in his capacity as a county commissioner in aid of his employee Zeke Silva.


I cannot think of anyone defending Saenz's nephew.  Saenz has shown no mercy for his nephew's victims and gets our inept judges to just keep giving the guy a constructive pass.


I do not remember her last name.  The DWI victim was declared dead at the scene and then revived by the medics.  He was in an induced coma for nearly three weeks.  He had a punctured lung and a shattered pelvis. He was eventually sent to University Hospital after Valley Baptist was threatened with a complaint for failing to follow the Texas law on critical care facilities.

He remained a cripple for over a year before medicaid kicked in and they paid for his surgery so he could walk again.

Saenz refused to prosecute Gabriela with overwhelming evidence including video of the scene and the victim being pulled from the vehicle with the help of the jaws of life.  Her blood was taken and sent to DPS, and Saenz refused to prosecute because he hates the family this young man comes from.


When will someone stand up and take Saenz to task over his abuse of discretion by not properly prosecuting these people with a drinking problem?

All of these stories are true and correct, but the Herald finds the problem to not be newsworthy.

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