Sunday, August 26, 2018


Family is odd, sometimes you need a time out from each other, but the love remains unconditional.  

The BV will be down tomorrow.  I need time to reflect.  Feelings are always mixed.  One side of me is jealous he is at peace with our parents.  Listen to song which follows.  

As Christian Scientist  we were taught the body is temporal.  So for many of us, passing is as natural as birth.  While the church had a great impact on me, I left the church a long time ago but still believe in the basics.

Joey be at peace with mom and dad, and your son Clinton.  I am jealous you are with mom and dad.  Not a day goes by that I do not want to speak with them for guidance.

Odd is, I wait every day for the call that my 80 year old brother has passed.  He knows no one and is a complete cripple.  But his heart beats on.  The court abuses him daily along with the guardian taking his money while refusing to allow him to see his neurologist.  

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