Friday, August 10, 2018


Because Montoya and McHale are paid by Hernandez to lie and deceive they will not tell you what these two separate orders mean in context.

A SIDE NOTE:  On this letter of intent with Jacana and BISD where did Montoya, McHale, or for that matter the Herald tell you Jacana is wholly-owned by Mike Hernandez.  Click for link  UPDATE:  I am being told that Carlos Marin told the Board he and Mike are business partners.  Remember Imagine Brownsville people - $900,000 paid to Marin's company for nothing. When Montoya defended the so called three malos for voting for the LOI, I knew something was up.  He has switched sides again.  Do you honestly believe Montoya will be allowed to campaign against the three malos who Mike Hernandez now own?  No 

Yes technically late Friday the court of appeals denied my stay pending petitition for writ of certiorari.  The trial judge knows I will file the same thing with the Texas Supreme Court Monday which will take until the end of the month to rule on same. 


He knows the trial judge is under investigation for moving forward while the appellate process was still ongoing.  Because he will sacrifice everyone he now tries to get her to move forward again while the appellate process continues.  

The trial judge now knows Mike Hernandez sees her as disposable for his own corrupt political ends.


The second order is where the court of appeals found I only had to pay for records I ordered.  The three nut jobs have now refused to reform the mandate which says I have to pay for the records they ordered.  There are two separate mandamuses against the District Clerk already wherein the court of appeals ran cover for him and the Texas Supreme Court had to bring him under control.  This is going to cost Tarrant County. 

Of course I knew no relief would be granted.  All I am doing is creating more evidence for the federal court of the extent of the pervasive bias of the court of appeals.  They literally have two conflicting opinions written by the same nut job justice wherein for someone else they ruled they had jurisdiction under the same facts as my case wherein they said they had no jurisdiction.  In the first they quoted the federal court of appeals for jurisdiction.  In my case they simply ignored their earlier opinion and the opinion of the federal court of appeals.

A federal trial judge is bound by the federal court of appeals.  All this evidence only goes to prove futility of justice in Texas State Court.

Now Montoya paid to lie at every turn will say this is just my paranoia.  Really?, then why this week did the Republican West Virginia House issue Articles of Impeachment against their entire Republic Supreme Court? 

Judicial corruption is way out of control, and now even a Republican legislature is willing to remove an all Republican State Supreme Court.


I think it was yesterday a federal judge ordered a plane on the tarmac ready for take off to turn around and allow an undocumented immigrant seeking asylum to deplane.  At the time a motion to stay the deportation was pending.  Every honest lawyer knows once the motion is filed it should be honored until denied.  Well this federal judge took President Trump to task and made it clear he and the DOJ disrespected the court by not waiting for a ruling.

This is Texas.  The 9 nut jobs on the Texas Supreme Court will not think twice about disrespecting the US Supreme Court.  This will not play well with the federal trial judge.

Mike won nothing.  My filing is a 100% win because they did exactly what I knew they would do.  They gave me more evidence.  It now allows me for $10 to go to the Texas Supreme Court to have them disrespect the the US Supreme Court by denying the stay before the US Supreme Court can rule.  The federal trial judge is not going to tolerate such contempt for the federal judiciary.

Again I played Mike - he and his lawyers took the bait and gave me more evidence for federal court.

Mike keeps this mess alive out of pure ego.  Without the case I would not be writing about it.


The trial judge will not chance getting in more trouble so she will not act until the entire appellate process has expired in early September.  By law the first hearing has to be on the constitutionality of the venue statute.  If she has no venue over the case she cannot act.  Under the law the non-prevailing party will appeal the ruling which will stay everything again in the trial court for another two years.

It will cost me a couple of hundred of dollars and Mike at least another $25,000 in attorneys fees.  This does not include what he will be paying for the federal case.

Mike has spent probably close to a $100,000 so far and has not received any relief.  So who is the winner to date?

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