Thursday, August 16, 2018


You have to watch the entire cartoon.  The end is so, so spot on with Mike aka Mr. Magoo describing a con artist and his abuse of the courts to run cover for his own mistakes.

First, Mike I now have two of your insiders feeding me information.  You are being  taken for your money while the people you pay feed me information.

Yesterday in McHale calling the BV not a visionary while calling Mike Magoo Hernandez a visionary of his so called 10,000 readers he got 4 likes.  That means 9,996 of his readers did not like the post.

Montoya copying the post got one comment so far.  It says Despesperanza Zendajas has been good for BISD.  Her decision to ignore special needs forcing the TEA and Dept of Educ. to force her to remove Rodriguez and institute other reforms is what the monkeys call great.


For years the BV has spoken about the county organizing the cities into a Metroplex and duplicating the San Antonio/Toyota model.  This is why the BV supported Sanchez for county judge, because he went to San Antonio and studied the model.  My support for this model goes way back before anyone ever heard of Mike Magoo Hernandez.  But according to Jerry this was not visionary until Mike Magoo Hernandez understood what I was saying.  The BV immediately supported Mario Lozoya for GBIC because of his knowledge of the San Antonio/Toyota model.  McHale just outright lied and said I opposed him.  But then came the process, and it needed to be question.

For 14 years the BV has been pushing for more technical job training.  The answer from BISD to TSC and then UTB, no money.  McHale says this is not visionary for 14 years.  Mike Magoo Hernandez copies the BV's ideas and now they are visionary.

The BV has always backed downtown,  Mike Hernandez declares nothing to see here and McHale calls that visionary, while downtown is actually undergoing a renaissance.  Which according to McHale is not visionary.

The BV has been pushing to no avail for the county and the COB to seek federal funding for the wier dam.  We are in a place where we can get the money.  Space X needs the water.  We take advantage of the Space X variable to get the wier dam and only back it up enough to meet Space X's needs.  The point becomes stage one of a riverfront development is done while we work out the logistics of the rest of developing the riverfront.  Of course Mexico doing its part in terms of riverfront infrastructure is a variable.  But at least the dam is already build and servicing Space X for now.

McHale calls this not visionary because Mike Magoo Hernandez cannot make money on the deal so he will not support it.  A company comes to town and says it has everything in place to move forward on the riverfront  in terms of key permits, (we still have the Mexico issue on infrastructure) and McHale denounces the plan because Mike Magoo Hernandez was not included. 

You see for Mike Magoo Hernandez vision is knowing how to place his bitches in a position in power and then getting them to vote him money.  This is what McHale calls vision.  No it is not.  This is why so many politicos and investors are pushing me to keep this going.

But I know my readers at some point the non-politicos and investors will expect something more.


Yesterday the city posted an opening for City Attorney and Director of Personnel.

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