Wednesday, August 8, 2018


In a meeting I had yesterday with Latino leaders in Dallas I asked how the campaign is going for her and they said "what campaign?"  Without the Anglo Plantation Democrats she may not actually have any support.

"During her tenure as Dallas sheriff, Ms. Valdez drew significant criticism for allowing Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to detain certain Dallas County prisoners for its deportation operation. The jail overseen by Ms. Valdez was accused of several civil rights violations in a Department of Justice lawsuit, and was the site of a 2015 homicide where a man died in the jail’s lobby after an interaction with officers.

Ms. Valdez has also failed to secure endorsements from a statewide organization of young Latinos called JOLT and from the youth branch of Houston’s Stonewall Democrats, an L.G.B.T. organization. Leaders of both groups say they shunned Ms. Valdez partly because she too often leans on her personal identity to sidestep policy questions.
The Rev. Jeffrey Hood, a progressive pastor and political organizer in Dallas who criticized Ms. Valdez following the 2015 homicide at the jail, said that voting for either Mr. Abbott or Ms. Valdez in November was a non-starter.
“Just because she’s lesbian doesn’t mean she’s progressive, and just because she’s Latina doesn’t mean she’s progressive,” Mr. Hood said."

In a state which is a red as you can get, a Democrat cannot afford to lose their base. With so many gay spectrum groups not supporting her along with several Latino groups refusing to endorse her, I predict she will be lucky to hit 35% of the vote. Mr Hood said it best. I am proud of those in the gay spectrum and Latino community demanding substance over identity. Until the Plantation Democratic Party  which is  run by Anglos who believe we owe them and their candidates our support dies until the Plantation Democrats are abolished. No Democrat will win statewide election in Texas.

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