Tuesday, August 28, 2018


It is official, Cesar Lopez is no longer on the ballot.

Position 1 - 4 Year Term
(Currently held by Cesar Lopez )
Caty Presas-Garcia1
Jose Valdez2
Drue Ellen Brown3
Mark Cortez4
Tim Ramirez5

So now Drue Brown needs 20.1% to win.  We have a 5 way split.  Caty and Drue will split the blind female vote.  This should give at least one of them an upper hand over  the men.

It is not in Drue's nature to go negative on Caty and tell the truth.  Sources are telling me ads are already being laid out for the Herald printing the truth about Caty's history of associating with a convicted felon, costing BISD millions and suing BISD and its Board.  Caty is in for a bloodbath. Drue Brown has nothing to do with the ads.  People are free to take out their own ads.

Unfortunately a lot of the BISD employees do not vote.  But inside polling shows overwhelming support for Drue Brown among the BISD employees.  She is well liked, whereas Caty is not.

If Caty were smart she would withdraw before the deadline, but she will not.  She does not seem to care about the impact the bloodbath will have on her family.

Sources are saying Carlos Elizondo is on the fence.

One source told me there is a chance a suit will be filed to keep Castro off the ballot. The SOS office has agreed they have jurisdiction.  It is now a question if they are willing to act.  They do not even have to sue.  They just need to send a letter to BISD telling them Castro is not qualified to be on the ballot.

Even if the person saying they want to sue to remove Castro loses because they have no standing the damage will be done.  You will have Otis Powers up against someone with allegedly 11 indictments, and someone who at one time on paper had a felony conviction before a judge illegally removed it.  

That story in the press will have a negative impact in Castro.  It would still be better if he were just removed from the ballot.  Baltazar Salazar is refusing to follow the law because los tres malos need for Castro and Otis to split the vote to favor Elizondo.

Erasmos Castro is an idiot.  For fake power he is willing to roll the dice on formally having the felony conviction reinstated.  That should tell you all you need to know about Castro.

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