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The last thing just before subtotal it clearly says chkout bagtax 5 cents.  I had stopped looking for this once the assistant store manager agreed to check all registers and remove the question of how many bags you want.  In my case I said 1 and the only available bags were plastic.  During the plastic bag ban Walmart sold paper bags for 5 cents for a corporate profit.

Instead of going to the asssitant store manager Jim chose to get his deep ironclad evidence from a lonely clerk.  As bloggers we choose which comments get through as moderators.  To defend himself he then approved a comment which said the lonely clerk went to the assistant store manager for her information.  Jim knew this was a lie, because he said she went to her supervisor, not the assistant store manager such as I did.  But an approved lie works the attack narrative.

Once the problem was fixed by the store I saw no reason to send the letter off to corporate.  Today by chance while putting the plastic bags in the recycle bag I noticed a receipt in one and there it was.


This is about pollution and our environment.  The same people whining like babies about the plastic bag plan claim to be environmentalists on LNG.  Well the turtle people will tell you the plastic bags kill the turtles and other sea life.  The plastic island in the Pacific is now twice the size of Texas.  Many of the beaches in the Dominican Republic are now closed because the beaches and ocean are overwhelmed with plastic.

Whales wash up on shore dead from starvation because their bellies become full of plastic.

Any real environmentalist opposes LNG and all plastic.  We cannot avoid the plastic.  But in my house every piece of any form of plastic is recycled.  The same for all paper and boxes.  The cans go to a senior citizen who sells them for gas money.  My garbage can is rarely a 1/4 full every week because just about everything is recycled or is fresh so very little trash is generated. All grass clippings, brush, and palm fonds go to the landfill for conversion into mulch.


At this time as of yesterday, HEB on Boca Chica and Paredes offers no bags other than reusable ones you can buy.  They are still waiting on a corporate policy on the issue. Nothing by law prevents Walmart or HEB from charging 5 cents for paper bags.  It is there choice.

If people have to pay for paper bags maybe they will be more willing to use reuseable bags.  Mine are a light canvass and get washed every week.

It is not about the receipt which proves my claim.  It is about being a true environmentalist.


I think CBS "Survivor" did four seasons in Nicaragua.  I would watch them walk right over the yuca plant and think nothing of it.  It is an eatable root.  It is a common staple in my home.  You can boil it.  You can fry it.  Your can make biodegradable bags from it.

The nature of market forces will bring down the cost of these bags as demand increases.  We see this with electronics all of the time.


I mentioned Nicaragua because yuca grows everywhere in Latin America.  It is about sustainability.  The US and others can  do a lot to create jobs in Central America and help with the immigration problem if money were targeted to build the processing plants and factories to make these bags and other products. 

This simple idea helps decreases plastic in our environment while providing job for the poor in Central America.

But we live in the world of trolls who never think about solutions and find their only joy in life is attacking anyone with an idea or a fact.

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