Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Part one of this post is somewhat silly.  It only goes to Rene Oliviera's incompetence, and proof Cesar de Leon did not read this affidavit before signing it.  The affidavit is void.

The affidavit clearly says the person who swore to its contents is Rosendo Almaraz.  By law and possibly a basis for disciplinary action by the State Bar Cesar de Leon cannot sign an affidavit sworn to by a third party.

In fact Mr. Almaraz law license is currently suspended for a year.  See order.  His attorney as noted in the order of suspension is a San Antonio lawyer with no known ties to Rene Oliviera's law firm.  All very odd.

A lot of briefs have been filed.  I will bore you into a coma if I try and explain everything.

GBIC's defense is since the GBIC violated the law in the past in hiring an Executive Director they can continue to violate the law.  That argument will not hold water.

Nurith Galonsky's lawyers have submitted several briefs and an amended Petition with a lot of case law.  I have no time to check on its accuracy.  But much of the case law over the last weeks I have reviewed and they appear to be on solid ground.

Also of note Nurith's attorneys are claiming based on information and belief Mario Lozoya has  repeatedly violated the TRO and is conducting business as the GBIC Executive Director.  This is a very serious allegation.  They better have witnesses with solid proof.  If they do not the allegation will make them look bad.


Ah the VA.  Yesterday I learned they are claiming my voucher to see the sub specialist who treats peripheral neuropathy should never have been approved and if I go to schedule the surgery the bill will be on me.  They actually put in writing I have to see a local neurosurgeon who has already said he does not treat peripheral poly neuropathy.

I have my contact in Washington on speed dial.  They reviewed the filed and agreed the VA Harlingen is out of line.  I hope to get formal word today that the voucher is good.  If not I have to cancel my appointment for tomorrow.

Last week I had to pull my phone out and call my Washington contact after the VA doctor made it clear he did not believe suffocation is bad.  He panicked and agreed suffocation is dangerous.

Two months without a CPAP and waking up every night suffocating.  I was done.  Dr. Jairo Rodriguez is a private pulmonologist the VA uses.  I have to say as a doctor he may be the best in the area.  His one on one care of me has been A++++.  I personally ran into him twice in ICU while visiting family members and he intervened to treat kidney failure in one case and pneumonia in another because the Valley Baptist ICU attending was neglecting the patients.  

But much of his staff sucks.  7 times now his staff has blocked the release of my medical records to the VA or SAMMC.  Because of it SAMMC dropped me as a patient. This last time I laid into his staff.  It is sad so many amazing doctors get a bad reputation because they hire office managers who are incompetent.

Because his staff would not release the last sleep study without payment, a payment the VA has already made, the VA doctor refused to provide a new CPAP.  Once I pulled my phone out to call Washington, within minutes a new CPAP was provided.  This is not how medical care should be handled.

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