Saturday, July 28, 2018


While listening I closed my eyes, and lost myself in a wonderful world of Jazz.  If I had the money I would buy the place across from Dodici called Broadway and open a piano bar.  The clientele at Dodici really love their wine. The selection is very good.  A lot of these people are the type people who would cross the street for piano music.  This is the type music where you lose yourself in the music.  You add in some more wine, good friends to talk nonsense, and you have a wonderful night out.

Brownsville has a lot of money.  The clientele for such a place is here.  I would hope in time the younger generation would learn the experience of a good piano bar as a way to escape and just relax.


I have spent over two-thousand dollars this year on trying to keep the pool running.  I noticed more yellow algae than normal.  The cyanuric acid was too high.  It is standard with any in ground pool you have to empty half the water and refill it to stabilize the cyanuric acid.  I got all of the chemicals perfect.  The pool was balanced.  I would vacuum and it would look great except it would fog up. 

I learned the return valves were sending everything right back into the pool.  So I changed the o-rings on the backwash piston.  It did not work.  The grids in the filter were only a few months old.  I checked them anyway.  They were all filled with water which means they all had a lot of tears.  I said screw it.  For an extra $700 I could just buy a new filter.  I did. But now the yellow algae has cemented itself into the bottom of the pool.  The metal brush will not break it up, a pumas rock for the pool will not break it up.  Scrapping it will not break it up.  No amount of the strongest algae killer has any impact.

I am told the pool should not have algae because the chemical needed to allow algae to grow does not exist in my pool.

So maybe in the winter I will have the money to pay cash to redo the pool.  For what I want the $8,000 price tag is reasonable.  At this time it is just not there, and I have a policy to never touch the retirement account.  I have a lot of travelling coming up which costs money.  I pay on my United card for the points and then pay off the card minutes later.  The United points are paying for my trip to Nicaragua.

I over spent in food in the summer because cooking outside and having company over relaxes me. Tonight is rib eyes with asparagus and tomorrow is smoked port ribs with new potatoes potato salad.


In New York with the equity I have in the house I could go borrow $8000 at about 4% and be done.  Texas does not allow for this.  You have to refinance your home while keeping the amount of equity you want.  I am not going to pay $4000 in closing to borrow $8000.  Also my mortgage rate will go from 3.9 to 4.9.  So until the winter the pool is closed.

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