Monday, July 30, 2018


I do hope Jerry's claim of speaking Spanish is better than his writing.  No matter how many times he calls it Casa de Nylon reality will not change.

Sorry but also a word on Erasmos Castro.  He either lacks the minimum skills to read, or chooses to deceive.  Either way, whether it is an inability to read or a desire to deceive he makes himself unfit to be a BISD Trustee.

So, he knows I will not put up with him copying my stories.  We made a deal I would be allowed to comment on his page when people post ridiculous claims about my stories which are complete falsehoods.  Castro never having met a lie he would not tell, broke the deal.  So now he tries to rewrite my stories and in the process proves he cannot read simple English or he seeks to deceive.

Below is my story on Stephen F. Austin.  It clearly says the problem with Stephen F. Austin is he was a racist and fought Mexico on ending slavery in Texas.  There is no reference in the story of him being a confederate.  Well Castro having little regard for reality or facts paints him as a confederate.  From Castro: "The city of Austin, Texas has suggested in a preliminary report, that highlighted historical connections to a former Confederate leader, Stephen F. Austin, otherwise known as the “Father of Texas", that it might consider changing its name."   From one of his trolls. " Martin Leal Stephen F. Austin died December 27, 1836, in West Columbia, The Confederacy was formed on February 4, 1861 at least 24 years after he died. how could he have been a leader of something that did not exist when he died?"  This results in his moronic troll followers noting the organization behind this discussion are just dumb people because the confederacy did not exist at the time of Stephen F.  Austin.



Everything people know factually about the Casa del Nyon deal comes from the BV.  The BV broke the story and printed the facts.  Now the same social media just prints unsubstantiated claims about the condition of the building and the cost of remodelling.  I have yet to see any engineering report or the report of an expert on any of this.

The BV which has been clear since day one it is about process.  The process by which the Casa del Nylon was sold and bought was illegal.  This fact will never change.

But the bought and paid for social media in Brownsville just keeps on going with more trash never offering options or solutions.


Until that first night I walked out of Dodici I never realized where it was in terms of real estate value.  As they say in real estate location, location, location.  You can cry like a baby about the bad deal and how we were taken until hell freezes over and nothing will change.  Or you can try and think of a solution.

In terms of downtown redevelopment the location of Casa Del Nylon at this point, for the size of the lot, may be the most prime spot in Brownsville.  It is right there basically in Market Square.

If you want to move downtown forward with Market Square being the anchor, then you sell the Casa Del Nylon even at a loss if you have guaranteed development which complements Market Square.

In the end the city will get its money back in taxes.

In the Cedar Springs area of Dallas, after it was revived Luby's put in a restaurant.  It was too high dollar of a neighborhood for Luby's.  Now people driving to Cedar Springs for the night life would eat at Luby's but not really the locals.

Luby's sold a two year old building to Walgreens which tore it down and then built a new Walgreens.  This was a high dollar investment risk for Walgreens.  But Cedar Springs did not have a pharmacy.  Also a larger percentage of its residents not only were HIV+ but had great jobs with great insurance.  There was money to be made.  Walgreens became an overnight success.


1]  The city takes a temporary loss, to be regained later in overall taxes, and sells Casa Del Nylon.  The buyer must commit to redo the facade to make it compatible with Market Square, and to a business compatible with Market Square.

2]   Again the city takes a temporary loss and sells Casa Del Nylon to someone who will tear it down and build a new facility consistent with Market Square architecture and commit to new businesses which will complement the Market Square area and the development of the area.

The bottom line is, the city needs to stop sitting on this property and turn it into something which will bring more business to Market Square which in turn will raise property taxes in the area and revenue for the city.

As to the raw deal we got, that reality stays the same.  But doing nothing with the building or the land, when the proper development of the building and the land can raise overall property taxes in the area and continue the resurgence of downtown, would be our inept city commission doing nothing to better promote Market Square and redevelopment of downtown.

The bottom line is the city has to take the loss and drop the price on the building and recoup it later in taxes.

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