Monday, July 30, 2018


I am grateful God finally afforded her the peace she so well deserved.  She understood unconditional love is a way only a few of God's children understand.  Some might say life gave her a raw deal since her childhood.  Betty would just tell you she was blessed.  She took her life and embraced it and returned to all an unconditional love which is nearly impossible to express.

I am so happy in March I got to spend time with her in her home.

During the worst of times in my life I always went back to Betty's life story and found my salvation in her unconditional love.  She lives within me, so I have lost nothing.  Today was an odd day.  I kept on saying something is not right.  I sensed I was being told to sleep and be at peace.  I actually slept nearly the entire day, although I had a ton of work.

I am so grateful to God that she is finally at peace.  She was living proof of the parable of JOB. Nothing or any one could ever make her waiver in her faith.  All she knew was faith, love and how to embrace everyone she touched.

Enjoy your well earned peace as one of GOD'S  most amazing angels. You will always be with me to comfort me.  You are my salvation.

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