Sunday, July 8, 2018


The BV has never ever mentioned Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa's children by name, posted pictures of them or mentioned their school.  The BV knows where she lives and has never posted her address or even a picture of her house.  The BV considers all of these issues major safety issues.  The BV has consistently made it a policy of condemning politios who publish pictures of their children because of the danger it presents.

The only people turning Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa's low character in the past and current, into an issue of her children and mentioning her children and posting pictures of her children is Jim Barton.

The issue is Jessica's character and Jim cannot defend that so he cowardly brings in her children to their detriment as a distraction.

Now he has cowardly nut jobs making false claims about my father who died in 1963' whose life is now somehow relevant to Brownsville's dirty politics.  My father was a well know union organizer in Brownsville who raised wages for the people.  Jessica and Art had to be used in federal court to pay their employees.

He then uses his trolls to attack my mother and the other mother of my father's 12 children in total. My mother brought all 12 children together. She brought me together with wife 2 in 1976 who trusted me enough to will me her  diary.  The story is about judicial corruption and its impact on children.

When my father died, all 12 children were a unit and we have remained a unit until each have died.  I will bet the farm Jessica has done nothing to bring Art children from the first wife into her life.  My mother brought them all in along with their mother.

But Jim abusing Jessica's children for his own person gain is sicking.  Jessica refusing to denounce it tells you all you need to know about her.

She oversees millions at GBIC and Jim says her character is not important.  Laughable.

Jim attacked Jessica posting a picture with one of her children because she bought a Telsa car.  That has nothing to do with politics.  People are allowed to buy cars.  It has nothing to do with character.  But it has everything to do with endangering her child by posting his picture in a border community where drug cartels operate.

Jim has posted ugly private pictures of Rick Longoria which had nothing and I mean nothing to do with any story he was reporting on.

Jim is angry he followed Castro down another hole with false claims about Phil Cowen so now he intentionally brings innocent children and their pictures to a public forum under the guise he is protecting them while never addressing why Jessica's character is not relevant to her service.

Either Jim is begging Mike Hernandez to get in on the money or he is already being paid.

I cannot say how this TOMA lawsuit will go. I do not even know the name of the plaintiff or lawyer.  I have been made privy to it to assure me it will be filed.  If granted I do not see how Saenz avoids filing criminal charges.  Jim will also call that an attack on Jessica's children.

Where was Jim's indignation when his drunk buddy tore Art Kalifa to shreds for having to pay his employees after being sued.  Jim is all selective based on settling scores.

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