Tuesday, July 31, 2018


So today while I am calling him out on copyright infringement again, he defends it as just social media.  This is not who we want our children looking up to.  Copyright infringement or plagiarism can and will get you expelled from the university.   This is the message he is sending to the BISD students he wants to represent.

After posting a host of defamation per se accusation against me on McHale's Facebook, McHale panicked or Castro panicked and removed them and then Castro blocked me.  

Castro is many things but a pubic servant he is not.


The comments were down, but now they are back up.  We shall see what FB says about it.


After I posted this update a friend called me and said he could see the comments by Castro.  I double checked and I could not.  I have since learned this con artist wannabee public servant who blocks anyone who calls him out can block you from seeing his messages on other people's FB accounts once he blocks you.

Today has been very busy with a lot of multitasking and briefs.  I would have posted this earlier but I had to finish my work.

On going after Jessica Tetreau for doing the same concerning blocking people as an elected official, a federal judge in NY has found same to be unconstitutional.  It has not moved Jessica.  She and Castro are so stupid.  Everything they post which might interest me will be copied to me so all they do is hurt themselves.  Once the court of appeals affirms the federal trial courts ruling that as an elected official blocking people is unconstitutional I will see Jessica in court.  The part of the ruling which says elected officials cannot moderate their pages will be reversed.  It was an absurd ruling.  To say elected officials cannot remove obscene postings is just crazy.  

Bobby WC 

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