Friday, July 27, 2018


For a while now East and West St. Charles has been a major center of remodelling. You cannot drive down St. Charles without seeing the slow but steady renovations.

Yesterday I was blown away when I was on E. St. Charles between 6th and 7th.  Trey Mendez's new law office anchors the street on 7th and E. St Charles.  But it is clear the block is under renovation with new roofs going on and general renovation.  But you also see this all up and down St. Charles east or west.

As you drive through the streets of downtown Brownsville you will see parts of the street blocked off for the remodelling.  There are more and more fancier new lights going in. 


I saw first hand Cedar Springs in Dallas go from a whore, drug haven, alcoholic center to upscale bars, stores, restaurants and townhouses I could never afford.  Yes because of increased property values it closed down the dives and drove out the whores and drug addicts.

I saw downtown at night go from abandoned to new condos, shops, nightlife and restaurants.  All it took was one willing investor to start the process.  In Brownsville the private investors abound. 

A dive versus a place with color and charm.  In Progresso I love this bar restaurant which is in the form of a traditional Mexican cantina.  It is not a dive where women go to pick up men and men go to get drunk on cheap beer.  It has all of the charm of an old fashion Mexican cantina, but a clientele which is not abused women being abused with cheap beer by abusive men.  An old fashion Mexican cantina with a better clientele will bring in money for its owner.

Over time not because of what I want, but because of basic economics and an increase in property values, taxes will go up and the truly dive bars will close because downtown will be too expensive.  They will not be able to afford the rent, or they will see greater value in selling their building.

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