Monday, July 16, 2018


There is a ton of parking.  Two blocks east is the parking garage.  It is right on Adams.  Across from 12th street on Adams are a lot of handicapped parking.

The history of this pizza is what was first introduced into NY by immigrants.  It morphed into a traditional NY pizza.  A hallmark of a NY pizza is the puffy crust around the outside.  

I went by today after recycling and can honestly say, they have wine - lots of wine.  They are in final clean up.  It is ready.  I wish I was willing to drink and drive, but I will not.  The wine assortment looks very very tempting.  I may have to do just one glass.

When you drive around downtown you see more and more buildings in restoration mode.  I hope Dodici brings more people to downtown to see its new offerings.

Catty-corner from Dodici is the perfect spot for a piano bar.  I would go broke eating at Dodici's every weekend and then crossing the street for relaxing piano music.

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