Wednesday, July 25, 2018


 "Five straight sell outs! Thanks to everyone who has come out to visit us so far. We’ve already had several repeat customers. We will see you tomorrow at 5 pm !"

I hope to be there Friday. I am told the Sweet Red is in.  Sweet Red is a traditional red wine which goes with pizza.

Brownsville is growing with more and more successful businesses.  They are opening all of the time in my part of town.

Downtown is changing.  Crying over the demise of a dive bar for drunks is not Brownsville.  

As more and more people invest in downtown the property taxes will go up and the dive bars will collapse.  Within two months I expect to announce two major deals to expand downtown.  I meet with people.  With real estate you need to keep everything tight on the lip until you close the deal.  

I predict an explosion of new businesses in downtown for 2019.  It will start in late 2018.  We are on the move.  In short order the dive bars will be gone along with there clientel with high end bars replacing them

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