Friday, July 6, 2018


If someone screws up royally years ago such as Jessica in having an affair with a married man and then makes amends for her conduct, her past should mean nothing and we should be celebrating the fact she changed course.  But she hasn't.  One can mock her and say the die used by her hair dresser has damaged her brain, but it has not.  When you do not change course, then people can assume it is an innate part of your character.  As a public servant if such conduct is part of your innate character it is always on the table.

According to Jim Barton I am anti-family for bringing this out.  The fact Jessica helped to destroy a family, the pig Art was certainly a major player, and then turned a blind eye to him running from child support and major judgments is pro family.

Jessica is now being managed by Mike Hernandez so she will post things and then delete them.  I am told she once again claimed she was consulting counsel to sue me.  I have lost count on how many times she has posted the same thing.  It is the same in the messages I have from Castro that Angela Nix has the lawsuit ready to go against Jessica and then nothing. 

When your character not only not changes, but now becomes part of bad government, your entire history is public record.  Context  

I personally would love for Jessica to sue me because in discovery I would get her child's birth certificate, and  her medical records as to when she became pregnant.  I would say she does not care about how this would impact her child.  But I will not.  She is just plain and simple stupid.

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