Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Is the 4th bringing out the best in people?  Late last night I learned there is not only enough money to file the suit against the GBIC to stop the contract with Mario Lozoya, but maybe even enough to pay an attorney outright to handle the case.  I offered to handle all of the paralegal work.

As noted yesterday Mike Hernandez cannot stop this.  Cesar de Leon can call an emergency meeting and do this properly, and the court will still have jurisdiction to rule the initial contract was a violation of TOMA.  This then lead to criminal charges

Now I have recommended the best attorney in town to do this.  He will not give a crap if he shits on Mike Hernandez or the Galonskies.  Luis Hernandez may just die of a heart attack upon learning this attorney has taken the case.  Mike Hernandez will have to hire counsel illegally to help Luis Hernandez.

I am not saying it is going to happen, but I am very very encouraged.

I will also prepare the Grand Jury referral to have Cesar de Leon, David Betancourt, Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa, Luis Hernandez, Mike Hernandez and Mario Lozoya indicted for violating TOMA and conspiracy to violate TOMA.

If you give a crap about the 4th email me how much you can commit.  The bigger the number we can present to this attorney the better the chance he will take it.  Otherwise we will have to go  to Austin.  This is the only attorney I know of in all the county who will not care what Mike Hernandez thinks.

Once the court grants the injunction, Saenz will not dare block the grand jury referral for the indictments. 


Please let me know.  I will be the conduit for the money for now, unless  this attorney takes it and asks all checks be made out to him.  In a perfect world I would like to set up a checking account "Defeat Mike Hernandez" so all checks are made out to the account and then the attorney is paid from the account.  This way everyone knows the money is going into the account and how it is being used.


I was suffocating. Well over a month ago I told my then 3rd or 4th doctor this year I was suffocating because my CPAP broke.  She refused to help and I replaced her sorry ass.  She is a PCP as a nurse practitioner and would rather see a dead veteran than one she helps.

So I got a new doctor.  He put in for an emergency CPAP.  It took a week for pulmonology to call me to work on the issue.  Dr. Deal who runs the clinic is so bad vets refuse to see him.  He is so poorly trained and uncaring of vets, knowing I can die in my sleep, it takes a week to contact me to begin the process.  I was called late yesterday so I could not do anything to move the process along.  They have my latest sleep apnea study.  They are unwilling to look for it in my computerized records.  Because of  the hour they called me, on Friday a driver will take me to my private care pulmonologist to get the records along with some other records the VA has but refuses to look for in the computer system.  Then my driver will take me to Harlingen wherein I will give the records to a nurse who will then fax them to some nurse practitioner.  She will spend days working on it. 

If I die of suffocation in the meanwhile - "fuck you, the only good veteran is a dead veteran."  My sister died in her sleep from suffocation due to sleep apnea. 

The VA doctors are as clueless as they come.

Normally I would have gone to my niece for a free one shipped overnight from her company, but she is in week 7 of chemo after a double radical mastectomy.  Now is not the time to bother her.

On Friday morning I will be on the phone with the White House complaint line.  The Harlingen VA clinic three years in a row has been rated the worse for a reason.  They only hire the worse of the worse.  How complex can this be.  You die without your CPAP and it takes weeks to get you a new one when yours die.

It is truly time to close the VA system and just give us Medicare type coverage wherein we pay monthly based on our  rating and income.  Which is no different than how it is done now.  The difference is my private pulmonologist would have had me a CPAP the same day I called to tell him mine broke.

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